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Unsung: Brand Nubian (Full Episode)

Man. Don’t let it go to your head… noooo.

Now, this is heady episode of ‘Unsung’ so expect a couple of damn-I-had-no-idea moments (pretty much standard for ‘Unsung’). Might bring back Golden Era sweet memories, but it wasn’t all sweet. Check out the Brand Nubian story above.

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Unsung: The O’Jays (Full Episode)

You know it didn’t start or stop with Eddie Levert or his sons, right? Of course, you did. But get the whole entire ‘Unsung’ scoop on the soul clapping we should be doing for pioneer R&B act The O’Jays.

(And hurry up… before haters on the Tube can get it pulled down.)

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Unsung: Special Ed (Full Episode)

Wow. Triple dopeness (hmm, wonder if there’s an ‘Unsung’ on 3XDope… aaaaanywaaay)! This ‘Unsung’ on Special Ed is the business. Well worth the watching if you missed it, and worth the watching AGAIN if you saw it before.

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Unsung: Digable Planets (Video)

Did you catch the ‘Unsung’ ep on Digable Planets? Pretty good… as are they all. Well, get your eyeballs on this while it’s up (or check your cable listings for replay times).


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Unsung: Kurupt (Full Episode)

Salute to “Unsung” forgiving coverage to Kurupt Tha Kingpin. He’s had some shine for certain, but definitely worth more. Plus the insights this series always brings on an artist’s life and career are cool. Philly born. Recognize that, too.

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Unsung: Jon B (Full Episode)

Long Island’s (NY, USA) own Jon B was the subject of ‘Unsung’ in the above episode. Once again, great stuff… this time, on the forerunner for later ‘White chocolate’ crooners (like Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke) in the Soul/R&B genre. Produced and pushed to excellence by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Jonathan “Jon B” Buck had a good (albeit short-lived) run last century. Learn about his coming up and blowing up back in the day. Watch.

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Unsung: Nate Dogg (Full Episode)

Damn. TVOne’s Unsung pulls on our heartstrings again with this tribute. Watch the hour-strong episode on G-Funk signature hook man and crooner Nate Dogg; lost to the world and to music March 15th of 2011. RIP Nate.

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Unsung: Kid ‘N Play (Video)

Hmmm… don’t know if Kid ‘N Play could truly be considered ‘Unsung’… seeing as how they had hit records (plural), a string of movies, that hook-the-legs-spin-around-shoe-tap dance thing… but they are on an episode. Aaaand the insights from those episodes are really good; this one included. Watch TVOne’s documentary exploration of one of Hip-Hop’s favorite duos.

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DJ Quik – “Puffin The Dragon” (Video)

Do you understand why we attach the ‘legendary’ label to DJ Quik? If you don’t yet, check out the TVOne Unsung episode on him here. But wait! Check out this visual for the legendary DJ Quik’s “Puffin The Dragon” off his latest LP “The Midnight Life” first. Already cued up above.


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Unsung: DeBarge (Video)

Before Michael Jackson split from his band of brothers, and for a while after, the music world (and the world at large) was constantly asking ‘Who would be the next Jackson 5?’ The answer at one time would have definitely been DeBarge. But right when they were right there as a family, something… a lot of things, actually… went terribly wrong. The large family from Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA) had it all in the 1980s – the looks, the sound, the fans, growing fame worldwide. But then things took a sadly familiar downturn that comes with having it all (way past enough). Industry and social pressures, addictions and more… caused them to lose the most important thing – each other. After that – the split – came bigger and harder losses.

A powerful Unsung on DeBarge (full episode above).

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Unsung: Nile Rodgers & CHIC (Video)

Let us tell all you jive turkeys out there something: Nile Rodgers was the man in the 1970s… and he is still doing it like he did back then! Daft Punk recruited the man for that purpose. Amazing what can learn on TVOne’s Unsung. Watch.

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Unsung: Too $hort (Video)

Why wouldn’t you put the man who’s been pimpin’ on tracks since the 1980s on TVOne’s Unsung? Well, the question is moot now. New question: What took them so long? Too Short is Unsung!

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Unsung: Tammi Terrell (Video)

Philly’s own Tammi TerrellMotown soul superstar with compelling story (with a sad ending). Now, the show that always gives the greats their due – TV One’s Unsung – has done an episode on her. Must watch.

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Unsung: Klymaxx (Video)

“Meeting in the Ladies Room.” “Men All Pause.” Those were more than just songs. They were events!’

Dick Griffey, CEO Solar Records

And the all-female funk-and-R&B act that gave them life – Klymaxx – is the subject of yet another incredible episode of TV One’s music documentary series ‘Unsung.’

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Unsung: The Ohio Players (Video)

Mainstay of 1970s pop, soul, and funk, The Ohio Players had the look, the radio, and their fan base on lock doing hits like “Fire” and “Love Rollercoaster.” And don’t forget the album covers (hot)! Check out this Unsung episode on the legendary group.

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Unsung: EPMD (Documentary) [Video]

TVOne documentary series UnSung is the truth! The latest episode spotlighting EPMD (Erick and Parrish Making Dollars, Golden Era greats; respect to DJ Scratch) is must see TV for real.

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Unsung: Isaac Hayes (Video)

The legendary Isaac Hayes was the subject of TV One’s popular television series “Unsung” last Wednesday night & the show didn’t disappoint in covering the life of one of the greatest icons in black music. The influence & contributions of Isaac Hayes goes deeper than just the music as he was not only a singer, songwriter, musician & producer, but he was an actor & activist as well. Isaac Hayes’ music has also been sampled by countless numbers of hip hop & R&B artists many times over further keeping his legacy alive. If you didn’t catch the episode live like I did on Wednesday then you can watch the full episode on the life of “Black Moses” here on this soulful sunday afternoon.
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Unsung: Whodini (Video)

Friends…..How many of us have them? TV One’s Unsung covers Whodini

Unsung: Full Force (Documentary)

UnSung: The Sylvers

I am a HUGE fan of The Sylvers so when I heard TvOne was doing an UnSung episode on the group I was very excited. Maybe one of the most slept on groups EVER gets some shine. If you missed it hit the link below to check it out. Diggers KNOW The Sylvers, but I think its important for anyone who likes soul music to know this group and really get into their work. Head over to TVOne and check it out.
[Watch The Full Episode]