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Eric Bischoff’s TEDxNaperville Talk On ‘The News Mimicking Pro Wrestling’ (Video)

Hang on through the beginning, speaker Eric Bischoff has some points to make. But like all good ‘sports entertainment’ there is a setup before the ‘real’ match gets started. And watch for the ‘swerve.’

Yes. The news is more like ‘rasslin than we thought. Let Eric explain.

Professional Wrestling and Political News Media have become the ultimate tag team, both utilizing the exact same techniques and formula’s for a very specific outcome. And the outcome is not what you think it is… In 1991, Turner Broadcasting’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW) recruited Eric as an on-camera talent. His entrepreneurial instincts and interests quickly propelled him from talent through the corporate ranks to become WCW’s President in 1998. Before leaving Turner Broadcasting in 1999, Eric had established WCW as the leader in the sports/entertainment category and is largely credited for re-inventing the professional wrestling genre. Eric also created the New World Order (nWo) brand for the TNT Network and was responsible for growing licensing, merchandising, pay-per-view, and live event business units by more than $325M. In 2002, he joining longtime competitor Vince McMahon to be an on-air character on the highly successful USA Network Series “RAW”.
– TEDx Talks


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When Designing A City, Maybe We Should Get Kids’ Input. After All, It Will Be Theirs Soon Enough (Video)

You know that song by Whitney that goes, “I believe that children are our future”… Put that on play in your mind as the backing track for this TEDx Talk.

As adults, we think of kids as “future citizens.” Their ideas and opinions will matter someday, but not today — there must be a reason the voting age is 18, right? But kids make up 25% of the population — shouldn’t we include them in some important conversations? In this inspiring talk, urban planner Mara Mintzer wonders what would happen if we let children design our cities. Mara Mintzer is a founder and the director of Growing Up Boulder.
– TEDx Talks

Makes sense. The kids will ‘inherit’ these cities. Maybe they should have say so.


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Ice-T’s TEDxSingSing Talk On ‘Surviving’ (Video)

Recent throwback TEDx talk from Ice T. Great insights and a very worthwhile watch. In fact, I should not have even mentioned the throwback aspect. Relevant to today. Hear some real life struggles from the former light-skinned, light-eyed little kid named Tracy who had to turn gangsta just to survive growing up.


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The Singularity Is Coming. Are You Ready To Live Forever? Are You Sure? (Video)

Time and again, TEDx Events we come across prove that you can be thoroughly engaged and enlightened by a smart person presenting a point of view at the front of a room. This relatively low-tech presentation of the highest-tech (and perhaps most hopeful/scary) idea is no exception.

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Would you upload your personality if you could? What do you think of the possibility of living without a physical body? Dr. White addresses a reality that is not so far off as we might think – and what the ethical and philosophical implications of this future might be.

Dr. Jonathan White, originally from Northern Ireland, is a surgeon at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Dr. White is a renowned teacher, and has won numerous awards for his innovative and creative approach, including being the first surgeon ever selected as a 3M National Teaching Fellow, an honor bestowed in 2014. At TEDx, Dr. White will point out the unforeseen consequences of the rapid technological change we are experiencing – the unexpected societal, medical, and philosophical issues that we now must consider. He will introduce us to the concept of the “singularity”, a possibility which has enormous potential but also carries immense uncertainty. As we enter the next phase of human evolution, Dr. White will pose provocative questions that will challenge our ideas of what the future holds.

Now, before you make up your mind either way, you must check out this write-up at The Activist. Everlasting life, achieved by man by whatever means, is one thing; but what do we do with it? Really think this through. What does a life sentence mean when the prospect of eternal life is on the table? And do we really want to talk about the possibility for resurrection? Mind…blown!


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Professor Noel Sharkey Speaks On the Advances and Ethics of Unmanned Drone Technology (Video)

Noel Sharkey, PhD is a noteworthy in the fields of psychology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering and robotics. Best known to the public as a robot expert, his current research passion is on the ethics of robot applications including care, policing, military, crime, sex, transport and medicine.

In his TED talk (above), Sharkey speaks on his lifelong love of robotics. And he brings up the ethics and realities modern society faces in deploying automated/remotely-controlled combat robots (e.g. drones) that allow us to kill from a distance; enabling so-called bloodless wars. But are “bloodless wars” really bloodless? Not for everybody; especially not for the folks who are ultimately killed by unmanned drones! What about when the “drone arms race” gets underway… and we have robot armies fighting each other? Anyone else see a HUGE risk for “collateral damage” and loss of innocent life (more so than already)?

What happens when we start using drones for civilian applications? Sharkey has predicted that – like drones programmed to make life/death decisions on the battlefield autonomously – in peacetime, drones could be carrying out tasks that include asking for ID… even tasering and arresting suspects, as well as crowd control, with no human say-so required. But do we really want  that?

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