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Marshawn Lynch & Rob Gronkowski Battle Before The Super Bowl (Video)

Sunday, it’s the Patriots vs. the Seahawks. But who wants to wait all the way to the end of the weekend to see ’em square off? Right! Conan O’Brien doesn’t either. So he got Gronk and Beast Mode together to get it on right then and there. MORTAL KOMBAAAT!!

Hahaaa! Their nicknames sound like video game fighters already. Click play and watch ’em play.

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Comedy: Conan Exposes The News Channels’ “Script” (Video)

Hahahaaaa! Yooo. We clown so-called reality TV shows. But most are admitting that they are not totally real. ‘Scripted reality’ is the term coined. But can we apply such to the news… which is supposed to be real? Conan O’Brien thinks so; and he offers proof!

Top Story: “It’s okay to be a little selfish this Christmas,” on Channel… EVERY damn channel!

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Comedy: Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Get A ‘Lyft’ With Conan O’Brien (Video)

Ice Cube & Kevin Hart were on the Conan O’Brien show promoting their upcoming film ‘Ride Along’ that was filmed here in Atlanta & will hit theaters January 17th. In this hilarious skit Conan, Cube, & Kevin Hart ride along with a ‘Lyft’ car driver to get some weed, purchase a few 40 ounces, holla at the ladies on the street, all while trying to avoid the ‘po-po’. This joint was so funny they could probably write an idea for another movie off of this Conan O’Brien show segment alone. This is f’kn hilarious!

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