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Seattle Seahawks’ Griffin Twins Touch Down And Look Around A-Town (Video)

Them Birds have landed in Atlanta! Okay, not ‘Dirty Birds’ but these twin Seahawks are in the city, in the building… several buildings. Doing big things. Real things. Doing real things BIG!

Shaquem Griffin and Shaquill Griffin (Seattle Seahawks) give back to their mom and hook her up with a new ice – diamond earrings and a tennis bracelet to match on the Premiere episode of Play It Forward.
– Yahoo! Sports

You heard it here first… If it doesn’t work out in Seattle, with the football… It’s off to the dolphins #BreakingNewsBroken

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Defensive End Michael Bennett’s Other Job: Star Super Bowl Interviews (Video)

How about the best news coming out of the Super Bowl… the true highlight… Seahawks’ standout defensive end Michael Bennett switching helmet for the interviewer’s mic (or… um… smartphone). Pretty good. Pretty fun! Start above with dude interviewing Mark Wahlberg, Erin Andrews, and Alex Rodriguez; the and hit the jump for more media hijinx.

(Oh, you thought the Pats comeback was the ‘highlight’ though? NO! We’re in ATL baby. Falcons RISE UP… second to the Raiders though.

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Seattle Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch Retires From Football (Video)

No tricks. No gimmicky headline to draw eyes on the ‘net. Marshawn Lynch, Super Bowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks standout, Beast Mode… is retiring. Tells 60 Minutes Sports’ Jon Wertheim and all the viewers straight up and down that he is done with the game after nine seasons.

“I’m done. I’m not playing football anymore.”
Marshawn Lynch


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Richard Sherman Gives Unsuspecting Passengers A Lyft (Video)

[The Seahawks] had this cocky little corner… named Richard Sherman.

Seattle: Another local uber-celeb playing low-key Lyft driver. Whether they know who the driver is or not, it looks like the passengers were entertained all along either way. Hahaaa! Richard a fool for this.

See what happens when professional cornerback Richard Sherman switches to Driver Mode for a day and takes a few unsuspecting Lyft passengers for a ride around town.

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Marshawn Lynch Checks Out Some New Sneakers (Video)

Joe La Puma went sneaker shopping with Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch at District Footwear in Alameda [California, USA].

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Marshawn Lynch’s ‘Beast Mode’ Fish Tank (Video)

Above: All custom, all “Beast Mode”Marshawn Lynch’s fish tank. In Lynch’s words, “That thang SAUCY!” See what the builders on the Animal Planet thought about the experience of creating Beast Mode’s fish tank after the jump below…

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Marshawn Lynch & Rob Gronkowski Battle Before The Super Bowl (Video)

Sunday, it’s the Patriots vs. the Seahawks. But who wants to wait all the way to the end of the weekend to see ’em square off? Right! Conan O’Brien doesn’t either. So he got Gronk and Beast Mode together to get it on right then and there. MORTAL KOMBAAAT!!

Hahaaa! Their nicknames sound like video game fighters already. Click play and watch ’em play.

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Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Goes Shopping For ‘Grills’ (Video)

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch just signed a huge contract with his NFL team recently & in one of the first interviews since news reports came of the deal he goes to a shop in his native Oakland to get some new grills for his teeth. First thing I’m thinking is ‘who in the hell still rocks grills? Oh well…. Congrats on the new contract & all homie, but spend your money wisely. Don’t want to have to follow that Allen Iverson savings & spending plan after A.I. allegedly blew over $150 Million dollars…….
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