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TK Kirkland Speaks On Rudy Ray Moore, Paul Mooney, And How Dwyane Wade’ Son Is Being Raised (Video)

Wow! TK got triggered in this chit chat ASAP. He’s always made his views on manhood well-known; clarified them even more here. He really goes in on child rearing, too. Remember, Comedy Hype talks to folks who make the jokes… But the talk is rarely a ‘ha ha’ thing.

For a sit down with CH, veteran comedian and author of ‘Time And Choices’ (set to release on Nov. 6), @TK_Kirkland shares his thoughts on seeing Dwyane Wade publicly push his young son’s gender decision.
– Comedy Hype

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TK Kirkland Speaks On Finding New Audiences & New Way To Live (Video)

That’s truth. Facts. I remember TK Kirkland from the early BET / Def Comedy Jam days, and now it’s like he has a second career.

But then again, funny is timeless. Dave Chappelle is still killing crowds with comedy out here, too.

TK Kirkland Talks Growth, Masculine Fashion, New Comedy + More
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Continue to recognize that TK is a 60-year-old OG… respect!


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TK Kirkland Speaks On Tensions Between Terry Crews & DL Hughley (Video)

Wow. The mentor and O.G. puts it down! Admittedly, I fell for Vlad’s clickbait title tactic in starting to watch this, but TK spoke some realness here.

In this clip, TK Kirkland speaks on the recent debate between his friends Terry Crews and DL Hughley, of which he believes that they both should be entitled to their own opinions. For that reason, he wishes they would just agree to disagree, while pointing out the irony that Crews threatened to slap Hughley yet not the man who abused him. Later on, he also questions why Crews felt the need to wear high boots and a purse to the Grammy awards, while both Kirkland and Vlad wonder if the actor’s crusade against “toxic masculinity’ is for a different reason altogether.
DJ Vlad

Whoa!! Don’t miss that sidebar in this: The ancestry folks are sharing DNA test data with ‘the people’ (the police)!! Watch your swabs, y’all.


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