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DJ Vlad & Lord Jamar Talk, But Not On Vlad TV. And Rah Digga Takes Vlad To Task (Video)

Usually ‘a disembodied voice’ that no one sees… Lord Jamar’s homie DJ Vlad finally makes it over to the Yanadameen Godcast in front of the camera. Certainly a welcome guest, but the visit wasn’t warm daps and hugs. Watch and see some real [solemn] talk about halfway through.

With Lord Jamar having become somewhat of a staple on VladTV, the face behind the voice has finally come around to the Yanadameen Godcast to be on the other side of the questions (0:59). In this episode, Vlad talks about the beginnings of VladTV (3:53) and Rah Digga asks how the infamous Vlad/Lord Jamar videos came to be in the first place (5:35). Vlad gives some insight into his background and his early foray into Hip-Hop (9:13) before Rah Digga puts to him that his platform perpetuates and fuels a lot of the negative aspects in Hip-Hop that many people work tirelessly to put an end to (16:22).
– Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga

Good interview/talk.

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Rah Digga And Lord Jamar Sit Down With Two Of Philly’s Finest: RJ Payne & Mad Squablz (Video)

‘Lyrics Matter’ esp. in this episode! Mad Squablz is someone I have been following for quite some time… and dude got BARZ for yards and yards! He and RJ Payne are on the Godcast repping Philly well.

In an era when it seems that so-called “mumble” rap is thriving and lyricism is on the critically endangered list, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga welcome to the Yanadameen Godcast two of Philly’s finest spitters in RJ Payne and Mad Squablz. Find out how both artists got into Hip-Hop and honed their skills, then turn the volume all the way up as they drop absolute fire on solo freestyles before closing out with an unrehearsed back-to-back which will have you reaching for the fire extinguisher!
– Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga


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Rah Digga, Lord Jamar, And Godfrey Get Into A Real Independence Day Conversation (Trailer)

Another ep of “Yanadameen.” Godfrey is a frequenter over on VladTV, as is Lord Jamar. Jamar gets up with the brother and brings him onto the Godcast. Got it!

Rah Digga puts a series of topical questions to Lord Jamar and Godfrey to get their thoughts in typically raw and unfiltered fashion. The first talking point is the protestor who scaled the Statue of Liberty in protest against President Trump’s hardline immigration policies; Godfrey praises the actions of the protestor but takes a moment to call out Mexicans for their anti-Black racism and highlight the fact that they’re getting their wake-up call now with Trump in office. Rah Digga also asks about the incident between Dame Dash and Lee Daniels over a 2 MILLION DOLLAR loan/investment. Was it right for Dame to step to Daniels like this?
– Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga

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