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Godfrey Speaks On Who’s Benefiting From The Coronavirus Pandemic, Including Companies Getting Presidential Shout-Outs (Video)

Well, when the interview (1) starts with “It’s crazy right now” and (2) Vlad isn’t even in his studio with his interview guest… We now get this version of VladTV in the Coronaviral Era.

In this clip, Godfrey talked about the coronavirus and the precautions he’s taking to avoid getting sick. Godfrey spoke at length about the money that’s being made as a result of this pandemic and even queried whether this entire thing is engineered.
DJ Vlad

And Godfrey is right: It is CRAZY right now… And the Administration’s speeches and assurances have been less than reassuring.


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Comedian Godfrey Speaks On Terry Crews’ Social Media Battles & Black Women Constantly Being Disrespected (Video)

Reiterating the point DL made, Vlad hipped Godfrey to how Terry’s threat [to slap D.L. over year-old commentary on his being harassed & inappropriately touched by another male] might be a move to deflect some of the heat he has been getting for defending Gina Rodriguez’s character in light of comments she made that offended many Black women.

Terry Crews offering to slap DL Hughley, Godfrey stopped by VladTV again, and this time around he shared his thoughts on Terry Crews addressing “toxic masculinity,” where he called out D.L. Hughley for telling DJ Vlad that God gave him muscles for a reason when he was assaulted. Godfrey admitted that Terry seemed a little hypocritical for saying he should slap D.L. amid the argument. During the conversation, Godfrey also reacted to Terry defending actress Gina Rodriguez when she was accused of making statements to belittle Black women, which he later apologized for.
DJ Vlad

‘Offering to slap D.L.…’ Kind of hilarious worded that way. Excuse me, but might you like to have the sh!t slapped out of you, Mr. Hughley? Haha!

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Rah Digga, Lord Jamar, And Godfrey Get Into A Real Independence Day Conversation (Trailer)

Another ep of “Yanadameen.” Godfrey is a frequenter over on VladTV, as is Lord Jamar. Jamar gets up with the brother and brings him onto the Godcast. Got it!

Rah Digga puts a series of topical questions to Lord Jamar and Godfrey to get their thoughts in typically raw and unfiltered fashion. The first talking point is the protestor who scaled the Statue of Liberty in protest against President Trump’s hardline immigration policies; Godfrey praises the actions of the protestor but takes a moment to call out Mexicans for their anti-Black racism and highlight the fact that they’re getting their wake-up call now with Trump in office. Rah Digga also asks about the incident between Dame Dash and Lee Daniels over a 2 MILLION DOLLAR loan/investment. Was it right for Dame to step to Daniels like this?
– Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga

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