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Stephen Colbert: U-S-A! U-S-A! America’s Number One In The World… At Locking People Up (Video)

Soaking up all the Stephen Colbert cleverness – Tonight’s Word – on Comedy Central before he makes the leap from cable to big network TV (CBS’ Late Night With David Letterman’s replacement). The tongue-in-cheek ‘conservative’ pundit declares America is still Number 1 … in the number of people the country incarcerates (“in your face, China”)! He zeroes in on California’s prisons; but there is enough comedic jabbing for lots more in America to feel the King Of [Sarcastic] Sting.

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John Oliver Slams America’s Slammers: The Prison System Is ‘Horribly Broken’ (Video)

Former member of the late night tongue-in-cheek commentative cabal over at Comedy Central (you know, folks like Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report)… John Oliver has been loosed on the HBO audience; where he’s making even more biting wisecracks. Letting them have it!

Here’s yet another occasion to unleash the cracking Kraken – spotlighting America’s broken penal system.

On the episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver embedded above, the host spent about a third of his show’s run-time on how broken America’s prison system is. In essence, tearing some a-holes some new a-holes. Oliver dropped science and atomic bombs… America having more imprisoned than China, the rampant amount of prison rape, the abysmal medical care and maggots in the food (as contractors cut costs beyond the bone), folks copping pleas to avoid prison instead of defending themselves in court as is their legal right… all wrong, wrong, wrong!

Tie the tirade together with a Sesame Street styled clip; and you’ve got a winner. Realize though that in the midst of the joking, how disproportionate the number of people of color vs. Whites end up in the hell we call prison…and you’ll understand that the U.S. has got a loser… its prison system!

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