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Ashley Williams Feels Hilary Clinton Owes Us An Apology. She Wrote A Sign About It. Wanna See It? (Video)

Ashley Williams. Pretty bold. Plus, the topic (the framing of young Black people as ‘super-predators’ as then President Bill Clinton, ultimately signed a ‘Three Strikes” crime bill that locked thousands of them up) deserves national attention that it was not getting until this fundraiser protest move.

Hillary Clinton was at a fundraiser in South Carolina when a Black Lives Matter protester interrupted her speech. She held up a banner that had a pretty devastating quote from the candidate.

Cenk Uygur does make a good strategy point in his critique: If only Ashley could have gotten an answer from Former Secretary Clinton #WhichHilary #BlackLivesMatter

So…why’d she do it? Cenk talked about it. Watch the video straight from Ashley after the jump.

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Stephen Colbert: U-S-A! U-S-A! America’s Number One In The World… At Locking People Up (Video)

Soaking up all the Stephen Colbert cleverness – Tonight’s Word – on Comedy Central before he makes the leap from cable to big network TV (CBS’ Late Night With David Letterman’s replacement). The tongue-in-cheek ‘conservative’ pundit declares America is still Number 1 … in the number of people the country incarcerates (“in your face, China”)! He zeroes in on California’s prisons; but there is enough comedic jabbing for lots more in America to feel the King Of [Sarcastic] Sting.

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