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Stephen Colbert: U-S-A! U-S-A! America’s Number One In The World… At Locking People Up (Video)

Soaking up all the Stephen Colbert cleverness – Tonight’s Word – on Comedy Central before he makes the leap from cable to big network TV (CBS’ Late Night With David Letterman’s replacement). The tongue-in-cheek ‘conservative’ pundit declares America is still Number 1 … in the number of people the country incarcerates (“in your face, China”)! He zeroes in on California’s prisons; but there is enough comedic jabbing for lots more in America to feel the King Of [Sarcastic] Sting.

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Hands Up: Stephen Colbert Mocks St. Louis Police (Video)

This… is The Colbert Report! Bahaaaa! In the waning days of his Comedy Central show (moving to CBS to take over David Letterman’s spot next year), Stephen Colbert lampoons the sh!t out of Ferguson – complete with a ‘welcome back Ray Rice reference.’ It’s the kind of fun you make of something that makes abso-damn-lutely no damn sense; so you have to laugh at it. Funny thing is, everyone laughs except for the guilty involved and those ‘outraged’ by someone like Colbert making fun of the fiery situation.

Old folks always say, “A hit dog’ll holler” (probably can’t take a joke because they are a joke – looking at you St. Louis Police Officers Association).

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The Word: ‘Color-Bind’ on The Colbert Report (Video)

President Obama takes the first step in racial dialogue by discussing how it feels to be in a room full of White people who are scared of him.’

– The Colbert Report

Oh, Fox News! Only you would take serious commentary on being Black in America and dismiss the conversation as frivolous. Guess good ole boys will be good ole boys. Right, Bill O’Reilly? Bernard Goldberg? Actually reporting that questions on race are moot because [odds are] Black people are the ones committing violent crimes. Wowwww.

Don’t get mad though folks. Stephen Colbert hits ’em in the head with the brilliant/hilarious skit (above) about black men and racism. Have a chuckle at the Fox chuckle-heads’ expense.

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The Colbert Report on SOPA (Video)

Check out Stephen Colbert’s satiric take on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) legislation which, in all seriousness, we don’t support here either. We went offline like many other websites around the world to draw attention to the problem with SOPA & the PROTECT IP act. On Tuesday January 24th the U.S. Senate will vote, but you need to make your voices heard to avoid any chance that the PROTECT IP act or SOPA gets ANY chance of passing. The legislation threatens to violate the First Amendment, would censor the internet, and could threaten whistle-blowing and other free speech actions. For more information on PROTECT IP & SOPA & how you can help to make your voice heard, watch the video under the hood or click on the link below…

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Black Star Debut New Song ‘Fix Up’ On The Colbert Report (Video)

Talib Kweli, Mos Def (aka Stephen Colbert as of today), & Yasiin (formerly Mos Def) debut a new Black Star song called “Fix Up” on The Colbert Report. More video from another song they debuted called “Astronomy”(8th Light) under the hood…
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Talib Kweli On The Colbert Report (Video)

Talib Kweli stopped by The Colbert Report to talk politics a little & then in the video after the jump he’s joined by Res onstage for a performance of ‘Cold Rain’ from his Gutter Rainbows album. I laughed out loud to Stephen Colbert’s comment about how Talib Kweli’s name itself will cause him to lose viewers! Hahaa! The live performance with songstress Res is after the jump…..

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