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Puffy’s Bad Boy Documentary (Trailer)

I don’t want the Chrysler that looks like the Phantom… I want the Phantom!

Yep, the Hip-Hop storytelling dam is busted! Diddy did one and is droping it on Apple Music late next month. Baaaad Booooyyy… to watch the trailer press plaaaaay (above).

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story, produced by Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Heather Parry, alongside executive producers Michael Rapino, Andre Harrell and Alex Avant, explores the passion and personalities of Bad Boy and will be available on Apple Music on June 25.

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Crazy Like That Glue: The Craig Mack Story (Documentary)

Heads know that Notorious B.I.G. hit hard in the mid-90s and Bad Boy Records was knocking the competiton out the damn ring! Okay, but heads who really know know that there was another emcee that was right there, that was the first, the premiere artist that was actually supposed to be the Bad Boy standard bearer… the one they call Craig Mack! You remember “Flava In Ya Ear” was the business! But somehow business got eff’d up along the way.

This Craig Mack documentary tells us how, and how “Crazy Like That Glue” things really came to be. You know, heads are probably wondering, “Whatever happened to Craig Mack anyway?”

This doc covers that, too. Fascinating viewing. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll probably be as intrigued by folks who had NOTHING to say in this as you’ll be by what folks appearing in the doc had to say. Go on, settle in, and press play.

(Film produced by James Billings.)


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Dj Yogi – “Happy Birthday Biggie” (Mixtape)


My total bad on the sorta late share. Been bumping this mixtape from DJ Yogi since Sunday when the archive went up. This is a recording of his SawOne Radio mix he put together to give a shout of H-B-D to B.I.G. Remembering the late great Bad Boy Biggie. Yogiiiiiiii… wants you to press plaaaaay!


Former Bad Boy Recording Artist ‘G. Dep’ Interviewed From Prison On ABC’s Nightline (Video)

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Nightline’s Deborah Roberts had G. Dep on recently via remote interview from prison – Elmira Correctional Facility (New York). During the interview, he talks to Deborah about his robbery/murder, his rise in music (getting signed to Bad Boy), his cold case confession to murder, his time in lockup, and more.

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Miguel – “Adorn” (DJ TedSmooth / Bad Boy Remix) feat. Puff Daddy x French Montana

What is this…like the twelfth version of Miguel’s banger “Adorn” to come out? Hey, I guess good music begets good music; and this DJ TedSmooth / Bad Boy remix of Miguel’s single is as good as it gets. To the “Get Money” instrumental… with a little of that “10 Crack Commandments” sprinkled in??? Banger! Check it out… including what French Montana does to the track. A bargain at any price. How about FREE then… because that’s what they are asking. Get your FREE copy here.


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Rare Footage: Notorious B.I.G. – “Warning” Video Shoot (Video)

I love when rare footage gets unearthed & uploaded on the web of because it’s like instant gold for real hip hop heads. Check out this rare footage from behind the scenes of Biggie’s “Warning” video shoot that just popped up on the web yesterday we caught via Missinfo. One of the great things about his video is in the interview is when Biggie keeps things very honest about not being too hollywood by renting out the cribs & things & wanting to do better for his daughter. Later on in the video they also interview a young Sean “Puffy” Combs as well as Biggie’s former business partner Lance “Un” Rivera….
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Former Bad Boy Artist ‘G-Dep’ Confesses To Murdering A Man In Botched Robbery Attempt In 1993 (Video)

Former Bad Boy recording artist G-Dep turned himself in to authorities back in 2010 under what he described was the heavy burden of knowing he may have been responsible for killing a man back in 1993 in a botched robbery attempt when he was 18. G-Dep gave a detailed statement to the police after turning himself of what transpired that day, but it was the actual video of his confession was just released by the NYPD.

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Machine Gun Kelly Signs With Diddy’s Bad Boy Records (Video)

I’m not too familiar with Cleveland artist Machine Gun Kelly, but this video that his team Est 19xx sent me was very interesting to watch. In short it follows the come up of a young kid making his way in the world from basically nothing & trying to make his dreams in the music industry come true. I like Machine Gun Kelly’s energy & would like to see & hear more music over time, but honestly I do have some reservations about him signing with Bad Boy records. Hopefully they’ll do right by the kid in the long scheme of things. Machine Gun Kelly is full of wide eyed enthusiasm & that’s always a good thing with new young artists, but I sincerely hope he doesn’t lose that energy & enthusiasm after dealing with all the industry bullsh*t that will eventually come along with all his successes up to this point. Good luck kid….

Producer D-Dot Explains His Feud with Kanye West

In an interview with XXL, former Bad Boy producer D-Dot did not hide his distaste for Kanye West, his former protege. Kanye claims he ghost produced for D-Dot at the beginning of his career. D-Dot says:
I didn’t do nothing to him. I didn’t rob him. All that ghost production shit he started and had the world makin’ ‘em think that he did everything.
Kanye says D-Dot took credit for tracks he did not produce. The two shared credits on tracks like Nas’ Poppa Was a Playa.
D-Dot said the two are respectful when they see each other but,
…all that shit he had people believing is actually disrespectful by believing that somebody like myself would actually take his music and rob him and put my name on it like he didn’t get credit.