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Eminem – “KILLSHOT” (Machine Gun Kelly Diss Response)

Okay. It’s a response. Not sure how much longer this EminemMGK beef will go on. But I can say that both combatants fired shots and inflicted damage. Here’s the latest. Em calls it a “KILLSHOT.”

Could be. We’ll see…


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Machine Gun Kelly – “Rap Devil” (Eminem Diss) [Video]

You sober and bored, huh?


Well, if you’re gonna poke a bear, you may as well make it a super-crazy super-lyrical eat-motherf**ckers-and-they-lunch-for-breakfast bear. Actually, we could say Eminem did the poking and MGK dropped this to show him sh!t ain’t furry ’round these parts!

(More like FURY. Let the dissing begin/continue!)


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Machine Gun Kelly | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #107 (Video)

Daaaaaymm. MGK dropped some heavy names and took some SHOTS at folks in this freestyle. Then again, when not? Flex gave him a hot mic, and he is MACHINE GUN Kelly (not, like, make them feel good about themselves Kelly). Aggressive!

– @ojones1

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The Land (Trailer)

Teenage buddies Cisco, Boobie, Junior, and Patty Cake skateboard the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, dreaming of getting discovered by a sponsor and skating their way out of poverty. That is until the boys discover a bag full of pills in the back of a stolen car. Cisco’s entrepreneurial instincts take over, and in a flash their lives get better. But no one counted on having to come face to face with the cold, calculating, and notorious drug queenpin, “Momma,” who runs the toughest gang in town.

Director Steven Caple Jr. makes an auspicious debut with this atmospheric film filled with pitch-perfect performances by an ensemble cast, including newcomer Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Erykah Badu, Machine Gun Kelly, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Linda Emond, who is bone chilling as Momma. More than a crime drama, “The Land” is a beautifully rendered story about friendship, values, and what it means for disaffected youth to come of age on the streets of Cleveland.

– IFC Films

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DMX & Machine Gun Kelly in the Studio In Arizona (Video)

Machine Gun Kelly flew to Phoenix to meet with his Idol DMX & work on track for upcoming album set to release next year through Bad Boy/Interscope.

Yelawolf Talks Kid Rock Collab, B.E.T. Cypher, & Issue with Machine Gun Kelly (Video)

Yelawolf has his debut dropping this month and is on a promo tour to get the word out. check him out talking about the project. In part 2 under the hood below, Yelawolf talks about his BEEF with Machine Gun Kelly Read the rest of this entry »

B.E.T. Cyphers 2011 (Video)

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Machine Gun Kelly Signs With Diddy’s Bad Boy Records (Video)

I’m not too familiar with Cleveland artist Machine Gun Kelly, but this video that his team Est 19xx sent me was very interesting to watch. In short it follows the come up of a young kid making his way in the world from basically nothing & trying to make his dreams in the music industry come true. I like Machine Gun Kelly’s energy & would like to see & hear more music over time, but honestly I do have some reservations about him signing with Bad Boy records. Hopefully they’ll do right by the kid in the long scheme of things. Machine Gun Kelly is full of wide eyed enthusiasm & that’s always a good thing with new young artists, but I sincerely hope he doesn’t lose that energy & enthusiasm after dealing with all the industry bullsh*t that will eventually come along with all his successes up to this point. Good luck kid….