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Pioneer Supermodel Beverly Johnson Talks About Being Drugged By Bill Cosby, A One Night Stand With Mike Tyson And More (Video)

Okay, she is there because she is promoting a book. But c’mon son… you KNOW Sway would ask about what she said about The Coz and the druggings (being that Beverly Johnson was one of the first to affirm that Bill was dropping ’em with the drinks… allegedly). And the book is chock full of ‘Scandal’ level messiness besides that – rivalries between models, messing with that ‘white girl’ (e.g. cocaine), Mike Tyson… Verrrry interesting.

From being the first Black model on the cover of Vogue to building an international empire, the lovely Beverly Johnson stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about her new book, The Face That Changed it All: A Memoir.


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And The Band Played On? Well, If Bill Cosby’s Funeral Goes As Planned… (Video)

Always interesting realization: The greatest comedians make us laugh at that we’d normally cry about. Today’s exhibit… comedic legend Bill Cosby back at it with the Philly cats on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The last Cosby appearance on the show was incredible (and incredibly HILARIOUS)! This one… just watch! And WHY will you find yourself laughing and clapping about the Cos’ funeral preparations??? Enjoy this Roots-Cos “collabo” clip!

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Comedy: Bill Cosby Shakes His ‘Skankin’ Azz With The Help Of ‘The Roots’ On ‘Jimmy Fallon’ (Video)

Above: Check Bill Cosby’s footwork. Haaa! He’s skanking to Black Uhuru‘s classic song “Sponji Reggae,” as played by The Roots for his walk-out music for his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The Roots actually choose the piece because of its use on a classic episode of The Cosby Show. Dr. Coz goes in on the jig! Watch and chuckle.
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Bill Cosby Being ‘Himself’ With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots (Video)

You know, I’ve seen so much video of Bill Cosby in serious activist mode… I almost forgot how funny he could be. By the way, ‘Bill Cosby Himself‘ is one of the three funniest stand-up comedy specials of all time. Just saying. The ‘Dad is Great…’ bit The Roots does here comes straight from that Cosby stand-up back in the day.

Above is part 1 of the first King of Must-See TV on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon… clowning with the host and Late Night’s Greatest Band, The Roots. Hahahaaaa! Check out part 2 after the jump (where the antics continue). So… is it like that in Philly for real JayForce?

(BONUS: I embedded a YouTube of ‘Bill Cosby Himself’ after the jump. Check it out. And you’re welcome!)


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