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Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Speak On The Struggle To Get Work Back In The Day And Working Together On The Soul Train Awards (Video)

Oh. Okay then! It goes down (or up, depending on how she ‘looks’ at it) in the DM’s for Tisha!

Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold Talk Dating, Friendship and The Soul Train Awards
Sway’s Universe

Tisha AND Tichina, on the show together, working it out as only they can.

(Whaaaa? Tichina on some f**k ’em, suck ’em, and duck ’em out here, too. Keep playing T & T. Y’all gone get that f-s-d ‘work’ you are looking for!)

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Styles P Is Dave East’s Favorite Rapper, Styles P Deems Dave East Torch Worthy, And Their Album Will Be ‘Beloved’ (Video)

Wowwww… Sway’s interview intros are always fire! Though they’d never admit it, Styles P and Dave East (and Heather B) had to be GASSED with the setup to start this interview. Talk about the greatest rappers, their collabo project and recording process and more.


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Lord Owen On The ‘Sway In The Morning’ Friday Fire Cypher (Video)

That Friday Fire Cypher that I posted with Young Devyn on ‘Sway In The Morning’ had another HYENAAAAA!!!! Lord Owen blesses the mic with hot spit in this clip.


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Young Devyn On The ‘Sway In The Morning’ Friday Fire Cypher (Video)

This 16-year old phenom, Young Devyn, is a HYENAAAAA!!!! I have to believe Sway will let her get at that ‘Five Fingers Of Death’ challenge soon, too.

Great interview! Fire rhyming!!


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Bun B With Some ‘Trill’ Talk About His New Album, Revelations He Has Had Living His Life And Learning From Losses He’s Suffered (Video)

Bun B is indeed the Trillest in the game. Needs no introduction (just let whoever doesn’t know about him why they should… later… in private). Watch the OG’s interview.

Hip-Hop icon Bun B prepares for the release of his latest album ‘Return of The Trill.’ He stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about his legacy, personal struggles in his career and what DJ Ready Red contributed to Houston Hip-Hop.
– Sway’s Universe

Interesting political insights from the OG in here, too.
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Tobe Nwigwe On The ‘Sway In The Morning’ Friday Fire Cypher (Video)

Tobe From The Swat got the mic hot for the ‘Friday Fire Cypher’… Yep, that’s a roger on that #Yessir #TobeTheHyena


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Producer Ron Browz Declares That He Gave The ‘Ether’ Beat To Jay-Z Before Nas Back In The Day (Video)

Man. Just think back to how hard the ‘Takeover’ came in for that JiggaNas battle back a good while ago. That was an ouch hit, definitely leaving a mark and making Nasir wobble. But then came ‘Ether’… that KNOCKOUT!! And Nas wins hands down with the Hip-Hop ‘hands’ that song put on Jay. But what if Jay was the one that dropped fire on that beat? Would Nas be the one that history records got ‘Ethered’ (hmmm)?

Harlem producer Ron Browz has produced for some heavyweights in the industry. He sat with Sway In The Morning to talk about his career and production credits for iconic songs like ‘Ether.’
Sway’s Universe

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Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Speaks On Defeating Daniel Cormier Again, Being The Champ Again And His Future (Video)

Great two-parter from mixed martial artist and champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. Passing out respect to the likes of Anderson Silva and heated (understatement: Jones said he wanted to KILL him at one point) rival Daniel Cormier. Real talk about the reality of competing in MMA. Plus the meme game on Cormier is brutally disrespectful!

Called out Brock Lesnar, did you, Jon? Okay, make that happen. Wonder how that will play after this upcoming Mayweather vs. McGregor event.

Keep going after the jump (Part 2).


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Lyric Jones On The ‘Sway In The Morning’ Friday Fire Cypher (Video)

Got to be the first time, in at least a long time, that every comment on a YouTube page was praise for the home slice Lyric Jones. All deserved, because she did rep the ATL well in her latest Sway In The Morning clip. Check out the chitter and the chatter. Warning: Dope freestyle above!

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Pioneer Supermodel Beverly Johnson Talks About Being Drugged By Bill Cosby, A One Night Stand With Mike Tyson And More (Video)

Okay, she is there because she is promoting a book. But c’mon son… you KNOW Sway would ask about what she said about The Coz and the druggings (being that Beverly Johnson was one of the first to affirm that Bill was dropping ’em with the drinks… allegedly). And the book is chock full of ‘Scandal’ level messiness besides that – rivalries between models, messing with that ‘white girl’ (e.g. cocaine), Mike Tyson… Verrrry interesting.

From being the first Black model on the cover of Vogue to building an international empire, the lovely Beverly Johnson stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about her new book, The Face That Changed it All: A Memoir.


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Jarren Benton Freestyling And More On ‘Sway In The Morning’ (Video)

Jarren Benton showed up (on time) to see Sway and company on the SiriusXM morning show… to give praise and thanks to Sway and Heather B, praise and thanks to the Funk Volume label’s fans… and to throw a shot or two at label head honcho Hopsin (officially NOT retired)… bust out a freestyle… and more than a little bit more. Check it out!


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She Broke The Internet: Kim Kardashian Speaking With ‘Sway In The Morning’ On Being A Divorcee, Relationships With Beyonce & Kanye And More (Video)

WHOA! Have you seen it? What broke the Internet? Check after the jump. Say what you want: Kim K got dat azz (or, nowadays, Kanye got dat azz… put a ring on it)! But she did a lot of chit chat with Sway on his morning show a while back, too. Above and after the jump.

Kim swung by ‘Sway in the Morning’ to state the facts.

Check it out.

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Fat Joe Reflects Back But Looks Forward to ‘Another Day’ with Sway In The Morning (Video)

Fat Joe stops by Sway in the Morning and updates fans on his relationship with Remy Ma, and assures that when she is released she will take over the rap game once again. Fat Joe also shares some rappers who have inspired him growing up in Bronx, NY. Before leaving, Fat Joe kicks a dope freestyle over an old school beat.” – Sway


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