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Carmelo Anthony Gives Insight On His Future With Oklahoma City Thunder (Video)

Ohhh, wait. Before Melo ‘goes fishing’ (as Charles Barkley would say). Let’s hear from him as he sits down for a season ‘exit interview.’ Some things said by him might be interpreted as ‘turr-bull, just turr-bull’ (as Barkley might also say, but maybe others, too). Watch and judge for self.

Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony says he won’t take a bench role, reflects on the sacrifices of this season.
– The Oklahoman

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Paul George Talks About Moving To OKC And Building With Russell Westbrook (Video)

They’re not looking at me as a Kevin Durant replacement, but as a new face of OKC.
Paul George

Okay. That’s one in a roomful of elephants in the room. Paul getting along with former fiery (Paul’s word) opponent turned teammate Russell Westbrook (you know, the current ‘face’ of the Oklahoma City Thunder). That’s another. And ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski does ask about that.

The crazy sports universe and the buzz about as a result of all these pro ball league blue chips flipping (and landing). Wow. And a discussion about another Paul’s impactful move and the potential for another team’s championship run next season. We go from talking of CP3 earlier to talking about PG13, Paul George, going to OKC.

Similar lines of discussion laid out in this clip as in ESPN’s clip on CP3’s move from former to future team, too. And the clip above does ‘include’ Paul’s cute kid (like earlier in CP3’s) but we just see the child (and Paul’s wifey…nice!). This interview is all Paul. Good stuff.

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Anthony Anderson And Chris Bosh Speak On Kevin Durant And More (Video)

Interesting insights shared on Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons’ new HBO talk series. Anthony Anderson and Chris Bosh are the guests in this clip. Bosh with an ‘other side of the coin’ perspective on Kevin Durant moving on from OKC among other things touched on.

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Blake Griffin’s Monster Dunk Over OKC’s Kendrick Perkins (Video)

DAMNNNNN!!! Los Angeles Clipper’s Blake Griffin posterizes OKC’s Kendrick Perkins with this powerful dunk that has me making the straight up ugly face. Thizzzz face!
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Charles Barkley Stands Up For The Seattle Supersonics’ NBA History (Video)

It’s a pet peeve of mine whenever sports reporters use stats from teams that don’t exist anymore following a name change & relocation to an entirely different city. The Tennessee Titans are no longer the Houston Oilers. The Miami Seahawks are NOT the Seattle Seahawks nor the Indianapolis Colts. Most importantly the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder franchise are NOT the Seattle Supersonics. You get what I’m saying here? It annoys the hell out me when sports analysts don’t fully realize that when a franchise changes their name AND city it becomes an entirely new franchise. You have to keep it in that proper perspective & report it accurately. Charles Barkley isn’t the only one that feels that way & I have to agree with him.