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Sports: Jay Z’s Nephew Nahziah Carter Balling Out Of Control (Video)

Okay, Hov. Okay. Your nephew (Nahziah Carter) got the skills and the hops. Respect to the kid. Hope he goes far. And from the looks of these highlights, he will. Peep it.

(By the way… The dude he dunked on is the number one recruit in the 2018 class, Marvin Bagley.)

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Muscle & Fitness: How A 5’5 Basketball Player Trained Himself To Dunk (Video)

You know… when you grow up to be 5’5″ tall, and play basketball… you can get so far. Someone will coach you up; let you play… like through high school or so. After that you are likely on your own. At 5’5″ and want to slam dunk? Man, you are on your own!

Fine by Brandon Todd. He decided he wanted to dunk…hard. So tried hard, studied hard, worked out extraordinarily HARD and applied what he learned (about physical development)… and… well, watch!

“You see someone small. Don’t count them out!”
Brandon Todd

Great story. Inspirational. Call the kids over to watch with you.

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Indiana Pacers Star, Paul George’s, ill 360-degree Windmill Dunk (Video)

Incredible! Chances are you have seen a ‘dunk competition’ winning slam and went daaaamn! Now, imagine seeing one during an actual game. Now that dunk is 360-degee windmill slam perfection – not during warm-ups – but during a live broadcast game. Stop imagining and click play above. Paul George of the NBA’s Indiana Pacers with a monster dunk with extra funk on the L.A. Clippers! SICK!

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Slam Dunks: Los Angeles Clippers DeAndre Jordan’s Sick Alley-Oop Dunk From Chris Paul (Video)

The Los Angeles Clippers continue to live up to the name ‘Lob City’ as they banged on the Detroit Pistons literally & figuratively. Check out one of the illest dunks of the year as Chris Paul sets up the alley-oop & DeAndre Jordan bangs it on the Detroit Pistons’ Brandon Knight something ugly!! When you see little kids in the arena begin to lose their mind over this dunk then you know it’s just nasty! Add this to the list of nominees for the NBA’s Dunk Of The Year!

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Slam Dunks: Jamal Crawford’s Between-The-Legs Alley-Oop To Blake Griffin (Video)

Last night I was in Philips Arena watching the Atlanta Hawks take on the Philadelphia Sixers in a rather uneventful win over the decimated Philly squad. When I eventually got home & turned on the television I was amazed at this ill between-the-legs alley-oop that Los Angeles Clippers Jamal Crawford supplied to his teammate Blake Griffin. This definitely should be counted as one of the best NBA plays of the year. Forget the Los Angeles Lakers…The Clippers are the new “showtime” in L.A. for real! Crazy!
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Blake Griffin’s 1-Hand Dunk Off The Wall At Team USA Practice (Video)

Now that the official Team USA has been chosen for the  2012 Olympics in the guys have been getting together for scrimmages to get ready for the games in London. Following the Team USA scrimmage in Las Vegas, L.A. Clippers Forward & former NBA Dunk Contest Champion Blake Griffin put on quite a show for his peers as he did an ill 1-handed dunk after bouncing the ball off the back wall of the gym. Seemed like many of his Team USA peers enjoyed the dunk & have been enjoying the comrardery with each other except for Kobe Bryant who appears distant in many photos. Shout to
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NBA 2012 Slam Dunk Contest: Houston Rockets ‘Chase Budinger’ Dunks Over ‘Diddy’ (Video)

Taking a page from the movie “White Men Can’t Jump”, Houston Rockets Chase Budinger enlists the help of Diddy to pull off this dunk inspired by the 1992 film in the NBA’s 2012 Slam Dunk Contest….
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Blake Griffin’s Monster Dunk Over OKC’s Kendrick Perkins (Video)

DAMNNNNN!!! Los Angeles Clipper’s Blake Griffin posterizes OKC’s Kendrick Perkins with this powerful dunk that has me making the straight up ugly face. Thizzzz face!
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