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Comedy: This Ice Bath Is “Cold as Balls,” Blake Griffin! (Video)

Kevin Hart’s comedy & interview series goes in… to the ice bath… again! This time with pro baller guest Blake Griffin.

Kevin Hart and Blake Griffin discuss Oklahoma in the early eighties, NBA Playoffs, and more in this Cold as Balls episode. These two get comfortable with comedy in a tub of ice.
– LOL Network


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Chris Paul Speaks On Leaving The Clippers And Linking Up With James Harden And The Rockets To Win A Championship Ring (Video)

This just in: Chris Paul is now a Houston Rocket.

Sorta. The news is a couple of days old. But the shock waves are still being felt, and the impact of the collapse of whatever ‘bridge’ between Paul and the Clippers organization… Well, folks are gonna try to put some scale to that in the months to come; no doubt. But the nuances in this clip – Paul’s poised (carefully worded) responses to questions, how joining James Harden on a new team might play out and even how cute Paul’s son’s (little Chris) wishes for his competitive dad “played” out – make for an intriguing watch.

Chris Paul sits down with Shelley Smith and talks about his six-year run with the Clippers, his relationship with James Harden and the challenge of stopping the Warriors.

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Austin Rivers Talks About His History In Basketball And With His Current Coach…His Dad (Video)

Ha! Austin got a shot in on his Dad / Coach Doc Rivers… cracking on them short shorts! Interesting Ride Along episode by VICE Sports.

Austin Rivers is one of the more polarizing players in the NBA. It could be the Duke thing, it could be the confident on-court demeanor, it could be because he’s playing for his dad. We rode shotgun with Austin as he waxed on his tough transition to pro ball, being traded early in his career, and of course the ups and downs of playing for a legendary coach who happens to be your father.

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The Phife Sports Network (PSN): Phife Dawg Narrates & Provides Game Analysis of Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Clippers in Mini-Documentary (Video)

In case some of you may not be aware, Phife Dawg of the legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest has been very active & vocal in sports for quite a number of years. In recent years he has appeared on ESPN, ESPN2, & various sportstalk radio programs around the country giving his opinion on everything from the NBA, NFL, NCAA College Basketball & more. There were rumors that Phife had some bigger plans in the works to further expand his sportscaster resume, but nothing stopping him from at least making inroads independently online with his own “PSN” or ‘Phife Sports Network.’ Check out one of the first video clips of Phife Dawg providing pre-game NBA analysis in great game that took place between the Toronto Raptors & the Los Angeles Clippers about a month ago on February 6th of this year. Phife Dawg & his manager DJ Rasta Root also performed at halftime while they were in Toronto that evening as well. In case you missed the footage from that, we have it below….


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Kurupt Supports Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling + Thoughts On Marriage & Relationships (Video)

Kurupt opened up about his relationship with V. Stiviano during an exclusive sit-down with VladTV, and explains why he gave her a home visit soon after the news broke of her leaked messages with Donald Sterling. The rapper says that he was just looking out for a good friend, and Kurupt adds that he would do the same for any of his friends.

During the interview Kurupt also shared his thoughts on Donald Sterling, and believes they “took a good man down.” The West Coast emcee says that it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Donald is “racist,” considering his age.” – VladTV


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Slam Dunks: Los Angeles Clippers DeAndre Jordan’s Sick Alley-Oop Dunk From Chris Paul (Video)

The Los Angeles Clippers continue to live up to the name ‘Lob City’ as they banged on the Detroit Pistons literally & figuratively. Check out one of the illest dunks of the year as Chris Paul sets up the alley-oop & DeAndre Jordan bangs it on the Detroit Pistons’ Brandon Knight something ugly!! When you see little kids in the arena begin to lose their mind over this dunk then you know it’s just nasty! Add this to the list of nominees for the NBA’s Dunk Of The Year!

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Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin & Chris Paul On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel’s introduction as the “once sorry sports franchise” when describing the Los Angeles Clippers is hilarious. Oh how times have changed as Blake Griffin & Chris Paul have made the Los Angeles Clippers the number one NBA team in Los Angeles & gaining even more popularity around the country. The thing that’s infectious about this Los Angeles Clippers squad is their team chemistry & you can tell they genuinely like each other & play for each other unlike the Los Angeles Lakers. Check out part 2 of the interview after the jump below…
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Chris Paul’s Son Impersonates Blake Griffin With ‘The Blake Face’ (Video)


Chris Paul Gets ‘Up’ With Sports Illustrated Model ‘Bar Refaeli’ (Video)

One of the perks of Chris Paul being traded to a market like New Orleans & out west to the Los Angeles Clippers is CP3 gets to take advantage of opportunities to hop around with Supermodels. Sports Illustrated’s upcoming 2012 Swimsuit issue will feature model Bar Refaeli who hopped on with Chris Paul on a trampoline during the photoshoot. Spotted at SLAM


Blake x CP3: Welcome To Lob City

There’s new sheriffs in Floss Angeles…..Blake Griffin & Chris Paul lead the charge in “New Lob City”. Check out the preview of the interview written by former Atlanta based music & sports writer Lang Whitaker from the SLAM site.

Blake Griffin’s Monster Dunk Over OKC’s Kendrick Perkins (Video)

DAMNNNNN!!! Los Angeles Clipper’s Blake Griffin posterizes OKC’s Kendrick Perkins with this powerful dunk that has me making the straight up ugly face. Thizzzz face!
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Blake Griffin & Chris Paul Starring in..”Lob City” (Video)

Move over Lakers….there’s a new team in town. ***Plays Tyga – Rack City Loud**** “Lob City B*tch Lob Lob City B*tcchh….”
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Blake Griffin’s Posterizing Dunk Versus The Phoenix Suns (Video)