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Comedy: ‘What The Fit’ Outtakes Featuring Kevin Hart And James Corden (Video)

Hahaaa! Funny outtakes, kicked off by Kevin and James going in on a ‘place’ they NEVER want to ‘go’ in.

Soak up some more rays at Muscle Beach with these What The Fit deleted scenes, featuring the gurus of gains themselves, Kevin Hart & James Corden.
– LOL Network


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Comedy: What Would You Buy If You Won The Powerball Lottery? (Video)

Ahahaaaaa! That’s what you get, reporter cutie, when you shove a mic in the face of a man playing his lottery numbers against all odds. Asking ’bout his biz…what would he do with the winnings? Gotta love LIVE TV!

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Fresh Off the Boat With Eddie Huang: Season 2 Bloopers And Outtakes (Video)

Like N.O.R.E. told you, “Mistakes is what makes things perfect.” – Eddie Huang

Well, would you look at that. Bonus footage… well, leftovers… from the freshly wrapped Season 2 of Fresh Off the Boat With Eddie Huang. Great Vice programming; and the boss (Shane Smith) even shows up in the clips above. If you’ve watched the episodes we’ve posted, you probably got a feel that Eddie is a balance of cool and kooky. Watch above and see how right you are.

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