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Boots Riley Speaks On His Movie “Sorry To Bother You” As A Commentary On The Evils Inherent In Corporate America (Video)

You might remember rapper Ice Cube saying that John Singleton encouraged him to pen his first movie script, “Friday,” telling him that if he could write rhymes he could write for movies. Well, Boots Riley – poet, songwriter, and rapper (best known as the lead vocalist of The Coup) throws his hat in the ring with the already critically -acclaimed film “Sorry To Bother You.”

See Boots talk about his movie that has Lakeith Stanfield code-switching and climbing the corporate ladder at an evil telemarketing company, ultimately discovering a secret that threatens all of humankind.

Two-parter. Start up top. Continue after the jump.

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Former U.S. Labor Secretary On Creating A ‘Win-Win’ Economy: Change The Rules (Video)

Robert Reich, U.S. Secretary of Labor during President Bill Clinton’s administration, puts forth a simple premise in his documentary “Inequality for All” (see the trailer after the jump) – our economy should be capitalism checked by the rules of a SENSIBLE democratic society. The above was clipped from his appearance on Moyers & Company (great PBS television) recently. Reich and host Bill Moyers discussed how CRAZY things have gotten… the insanity of economic, political, and day-to-day reality in America… and straight talk on the most direct route out of the madness.


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Irittable Bowl Syndrone: Bill Maher (Video)

I remember watching Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO when he delivered this editorial entitled ‘The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass’ which I thought was not only funny but on point like a touchdown pass from Tom Brady. In a nutshell, Bill Maher was making the comparison of how the NFL is just like socialism. It’s covered in detail in Bill Maher’s new book of the same name that’s available now on Amazon, itunes, & other outlets. Fraser Davidson, London-based animator, created this video inspired by Bill Maher’s comparison of the economics of pro football and baseball.