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Cassidy – “Another Plan” (Video)

Cassidy got so much BAR TALK! Every line a punchline… every line puts a frown on a ninja’s face… getting cheddar and aging like cheddar (getting sharper)… It’s the man whose favorite letters are G, O, A, and T! Yeezus!! Since I cannot lift any one verse out that hit the hardest, I gotta just let you hear them all. Yup. Cassidy’s got “Another Plan” (to give y’all this WORK and give WACK RAPPERS the BOOT)!


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Cassidy – “Selfish” (Prod. By Cassidy)

Now most everyone knows I love a good hashtag as much as (read: more than) anyone else. But #BarsAndBeats as a hash on the YouTube vid for this… unneeded overkill. It’s Cass Larsiny. Dope bars on dope beats is on his calling card!

(Oh. It’s the title of the forthcoming LP. Got it! And Cassidy self-produced this jawn?? NICE!)

Philadelphia heavy spitter Cassidy is gearing up to release a new project titled “Bars And Beats.” Here’s a track off of it called “Selfish,” produced by Mr. Chicken himself. Follow Cassidy @cassidy_larsiny.
– PaperChaserDotCom


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Cassidy – “Save The Children” feat. Swizz Beatz

Hey, yo. It’s cold in here!

Cass Larsiny always, always, ALWAYS comes with the BARZ! Put the rhyme animal on a ominous high-energy track and a feature from Swizzy… and it is a WRAP son! There’s only time to “Save The Children.” For the rest of us, there is no escape. Cassidy is KILLING!


Cassidy x Joell Ortiz x Red Cafe x Maino x Papoose x Juganot – “Dollar” (Remix)


Don’t press play yet.

Just think about what you ought to think about when you see a lineup of emcees like this: Cassidy, Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, Maino, Papoose, AND Juganot?? C’mon son. I know what I’m thinking, on sight… THE BARZ ARE BACK!!!

Now, push play. And HEAR the BARZ. Bananas!!


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Cassidy – “Bars Is Back” (Audio)

When Cass Larsiny says “Bars Is Back” you already know what it is. It’s almost repetitive actually. When has Cassidy ever NOT been about the BARZ?? In fact, we got another release from him on the bars back a while back (posted here).

And we got no prob with that. Keep ’em coming.


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Cassidy x Chubby JAG – “Crazy” (Prod. By Stoopid)

South Central Los Angeles’ own Chubby JAG (more on him here), down with Cassidy since becoming a recording artist in 2008. Yeah, Cassidy brought Larsiny Fam in to jump all over this Stoopid beat!


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Cassidy Doing This Freestyle Live Is Keeping That Real Raw Hip-Hop Alive (Video)

If you think I’m not posting a freestyle like this from Cass Larsiny… you must be out of your damned mind not know me well on here. On three: 1-2-3 HE KILLED IT!!!

You gotta relax and enjoy this rhyming acapella.


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Cassidy – “BARS Is Back” (Freestyle)

Cass Larsiny pretty much telling all y’all AND Philly that he run sh!t like he runs these tracks. And he’s strapping up and throwing his city and Hip-Hop on his back. Trying to bring ’em back to where/what they ought to be about. About them BARS! “BARS Is Back” maaaaan.


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Cassidy – “I’m A Prodigy”

The only ghostwriter that be really writing with actual ghosts. Facts!
P in the booth with me right now!

By now, Cassidy almost HAS to say crazier and crazier stuff to keep us off balance and convinced that he is forever on point. Dude is pretty much saying he literally channeled the spirit of Prodigy AND got his cosign to get in the booth and lean on n!ggas. Wowwww.

But it is a dope freestyle though. Awesome flows over Mobb Deep beats.



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Cassidy – “Be Humble” + “Mask Off” Freestyle

Uh ohhh. Cassidy f*cked around and hopped on two of the most popular beats out and beasted on them. If you liked the originals, cool. But if hearing someone come behind and body the beats… maybe don’t listen.

(Yeah right. Like you’d pass up listening to a Cass Larsiny freestyle. Ha!)

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Cassidy – “VladTV Freestyle” (Video)

GeeeeYOTdam! Cass just said:

Me losing to a lame rapping…
It’s like you wipe your butt hole and your nose with the same napkin…

That does it. Time to write that letter: Dear wack rapper, why are you still here?? You and your cousin ‘mumbles’ can’t take a hint, sooooo… GET THE F**K OUT! Quit! Stop wasting The Nation’s time! You’re FINISHED! Cassidy Larsiny just sh!t on your tissue. Flush and wash your hands.

Legendary rapper Cassidy dropped by VladTV for an exclusive freestyle. The Philly hustler channeled his battle rapping roots acapella style, making sure you won’t forget this freestyle. Watch above.
– VladTV


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Cassidy Freestyling Over Classic Instrumentals With Swizz Beatz Backing Him Up (Video)

Got damn! Step your freestyle game up lame ducks. Cass Larsiny got barz AND Swizz doing live overdubs while he spits ’em. Wow, how can anyone else win? BAAAARRRZZZ!!!!


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Cassidy – “16 Or Better Freestyle” (Video)

Daaaamit! Cassidy is a rhyme animal with “16 Or Better” on all y’all!!! Did not know Jack Thriller was doing a cypher channel. If he keeps putting on rhymers of this caliber, he’s got himself a subscriber.

(And do you seeee them THICK HONEYZ in there??? YOOOO!!)


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Cassidy – “I Love My City” (Prod. By DJ Thoro)

…kids rather learn Fetty Wap music than the Constitution.

Philly got the pride. Philly emcee Cassidy takes pride in spitting the truth, too. Gotta to show love to the City Of Brotherly Love, Cass Larsiny’s hometown, Philadelphia (PA, USA). Check out “I Love My City” (produced by DJ Thoro).


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Cassidy – “Speak To The Hood” feat. Swizz Beatz (Freestyle)


Cassidy Larsiny lyrically committing arson…setting that track on fire! DJ Absolute’s Mixtape Mondays series latest installment – Cassidy’s freestyle “Speak To The Streets” (featuring Swizz Beatz).


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Cassidy – “That’s A Fact Tho”

Philly braggadocio flow from Cassidy. Get it while it’s hot. Kind of an echoed out version of the ‘Hot N!gga’ instrumental for a beat. Simple music background for the lyrics. “That’s A Fact Tho” represents another chapter going into Cassidy’s ever-growing book of PLEASE-challenge-ME-to-a-battle.


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Cassidy – “Oh My Freestyle” feat. Chubby Jag

So Jahlil Beats did the original beat for West Coast rap artist Boogie… and Cassidy got Chubby Jag and attacked it! Check out this “Oh My Freestyle” stream above. FREE download available (linked below, of course).


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Cassidy – “Who Gone Help Me”

I learned, in order to get success, you gotta do it by your damn self!

Brace yourself to get hit by bar after bar before you click play above. Cassidy, the MC with the PhD in punchlinery, drops a loosey entitled “Who Gone Help Me.” Prediction: He already has his answer.

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Cassidy – MMM! Feat. Fred Money (Prod. BishopMakeItKnock) [Video]

Ciphers (oops, sorry, cYphers) nowadays get so adversarial that we forget that fun part of making the crowd that gathered go “ooh” and “wow” at the clever rhymes and punchlines. Now, anybody who knows Cassidy Larsiny… knows they don’t want lyrical rough stuff against him battling. But what if we just set some rhymers and admirers and good drink and whatnot around. Sounds like a party you wanna be at, right? Well, Fred Money and Cassidy going in over the BishopMakeItKnock beat above…“MMM!” Click and join that party!

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Eminem vs. Cassidy – Rap Battle (Animation)

Boom! Eminem vs. Cassidy. This is fun. I’ll let you watch and decide if it’s lyrical sport or comedy or vanguard art in Hip-Hop or what. I liked it, so I shared it; because I’m that kind of dude. I will say that it’s okay to nod your head, laugh, cover your mouth (with the “ooohhh” sound)… all while watching. Hmm… just like at a real cipher.


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