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DJ Whoo Kid – “NY Sh!t” feat. Young Buck x Raekwon

Shaolin Chef Raekwon and Cashville’s Young Buck doing it up on some “NY Sh1t” with DJ Whoo Kid.


Cassidy Freestyling Over Classic Instrumentals With Swizz Beatz Backing Him Up (Video)

Got damn! Step your freestyle game up lame ducks. Cass Larsiny got barz AND Swizz doing live overdubs while he spits ’em. Wow, how can anyone else win? BAAAARRRZZZ!!!!


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Young M.A. – “Ooouuu” feat. 50 Cent (Remix)

When you’re so dope… when what you do is so dope… folks find you, find your work, join in in most flattering ways… you’re winning. Exhibit Young M.A, on her “Ooouuu” campaign, IS WINNING!!! Remix with 50 Cent on it. Nice. All the “Ooouuu” incarnations are dope though; and we got a couple on here now (and keep checking for more).


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Cam’Ron Speaks On His Full History And More… Including Airing Out The Drama With Jay Z Back In The Day (Video)

No reason to be mad at Killa Cam for this Whoolywood interview; but somebody probably will be. Maybe Jay. Maybe Ye. But hey… whatev…

Cam’ron stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s “The Whoolywood Shuffle” on Shade 45 to promote his new single “Oh Yeah” with Juelz Santana. Cam touches on everything in this video, from first meeting Notorious BIG through Ma$e and acting reckless, Russell Westbrook’s fashion sense, Kanye giving ‘H To The Izzo’ to Jay Z after purchasing the beat, what Big L was like on the block and more! But the true gem is Cam’ron finally clearing the air on the Def Jam situation with Jay Z from back in the day which left us speechless!

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Mike Tyson Speaks On How He Met Tupac Shakur, Floyd Mayweather, & The ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ (Video)

Hahaaa! Iron Mike Tyson got stories for The Whoolywood Shuffle. All that time working on the “Mike Tyson Mysteries” and he just met his comedian co-star a few weeks ago… and he said what about Jenny McCarthy… and did he threaten to f#ck Drake up or…ummmm…?? Wow! Hilarious! But check out how he met Tupac Shakur in the clip above though.

(Interesting view on Floyd, Jr. and attaining legendary status.)

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Waka Flocka Flame – “Turn Up Godz” feat. DJ Whoo Kid (Video)

This video is a guilty pleasure….. I enjoy the video, the energy, and the EDM vibe of it.

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Kendrick Lamar Speaking With DJ Whoo Kid On His Music, His Moves, His Take On Hip-Hop Today & More (Video)

On the mic, Kendrick’s spit game is unmatched…even on the radio. Promo stop to be certain, but take in the insights the young lion drops (along with news of what’s to come in his music/career)…

Kendrick Lamar stopped by The Whoolywood Shuffle promoting his latest single “i”. He speaks on traveling to St. Louis to gain Ron Isley’s permission for use of his “That Lady” sample. K. Dot also confirms George Clinton collaborations are underway.

There are also motivational gems contained within the interview. One being that Kendrick emphasizes the basis of challenging yourself. He said “Challenge yourself, and don’t take instances for granted.” “Whether it’s a 16, a hook, or 4 bars challenge yourself. And this is why Hip-Hop is at a point where creativity is stagnant, because artists aren’t challenging themselves.”


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Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, His New Album And More (Video)

Can DJ Whoo Kid get Lupe Fiasco to let down his guard… for some real talk, his real opinions; even if they are controversial? Do you really think Lupe has been waiting for a Whoo Kid interview to do that? Of course not! Hell, you’ve seen what we posted on the Obama inauguration ‘Fiasco’ right here. With an upcoming album – “Tetsuo & Youth” – on the horizon, you know this interview ought to be interesting, if not fully loaded.

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DJ Premier Speaks On His History In Hip-Hop, Dope Emcees, Rap Beefs And More (Video)

Attention emcees, two things: (1) DJ Premier does NOT influence the BET Cypher selections AND (2) he WILL be scratching while you are freestyling if you get in the Cypher (that’s Hip-Hop; get your skill up)!

The legendary producer and Whoo Kid talk about how real it can get for a DJ out here, conflict and music making in Hip-Hop (including confessing that the original version of KRS-ONE’s “Outta Here” was way more heavy with PERSONAL name-naming disses), his coming up in the game (starting at age 19 in the late 80s), his experiences with Tupac EARLY in his career (literally tearing South Carolina up), all kinds of momentoes he has, and so much more. Great interview!

“I’m an emcee. I don’t rap, but I know how to control a crowd…” – DJ Premier

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50 Cent & G-Unit At ‘X Games’ in Barcelona and in Brussels (Video)

50 Cent takes Precious Paris, Tony Yayo, Kidd Kidd and DJ Whoo Kid to the X Games… in Barcelona, Spain… and to meet Tony Hawk… and tear down a stage or two. This video could easily be re-titled G-Unit Living the Hip-Hop High Life To The Fullest’ starring 50 Cent and friends. Cap the excursion with 50 Cent hopping over to Fiesta Club Louis in Brussels to get it in with and for the fans, and you’ve got yourself a complete experience AND a video short worth watching!

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Mike Tyson Gives The ‘Undisputed Truth’ To DJ Whoo Kid (Video)

Iron Mike Tyson talks with DJ Whoo Kid – joking, happy, healthy, still taking care of his birds… Mike mentioned his Broadway show (“Undisputed Truth”) with Spike Lee… mentioned it… during the interview. But mostly, he talked… about life (and boxing, of course… once Whoo Kid brought up 50 Cent getting into the fight game). Real talk for real. Good clip.
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DJ Whoo Kid Speaks on Possibly Being The Cause Of Kanye West’s Near Fatal Car Accident (Video)

DJ Whoo Kid speaks with ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller about the day that Kanye West got into his near fatal car accident in L.A. back in 2002 that inspired Yeezy’s hit song “Through The Wire.” Regrettably or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, DJ Whoo Kid says his actions towards Kanye may have caused the incident that set off a chain of events that marked the beginning of the rise of Kanye’s career.

DJ Whoo Kid Speaks on Being Chased By Suge Knight (Video)

While being interviewed for ThisIs50, DJ Whoo Kid spoke on a situation where he was chased out of an L.A. club where he was DJing by Suge Knight.