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Cassidy Freestyling Over Classic Instrumentals With Swizz Beatz Backing Him Up (Video)

Got damn! Step your freestyle game up lame ducks. Cass Larsiny got barz AND Swizz doing live overdubs while he spits ’em. Wow, how can anyone else win? BAAAARRRZZZ!!!!


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Mike Tyson Speaks On How He Met Tupac Shakur, Floyd Mayweather, & The ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ (Video)

Hahaaa! Iron Mike Tyson got stories for The Whoolywood Shuffle. All that time working on the “Mike Tyson Mysteries” and he just met his comedian co-star a few weeks ago… and he said what about Jenny McCarthy… and did he threaten to f#ck Drake up or…ummmm…?? Wow! Hilarious! But check out how he met Tupac Shakur in the clip above though.

(Interesting view on Floyd, Jr. and attaining legendary status.)

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Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, His New Album And More (Video)

Can DJ Whoo Kid get Lupe Fiasco to let down his guard… for some real talk, his real opinions; even if they are controversial? Do you really think Lupe has been waiting for a Whoo Kid interview to do that? Of course not! Hell, you’ve seen what we posted on the Obama inauguration ‘Fiasco’ right here. With an upcoming album – “Tetsuo & Youth” – on the horizon, you know this interview ought to be interesting, if not fully loaded.

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DJ Premier Speaks On His History In Hip-Hop, Dope Emcees, Rap Beefs And More (Video)

Attention emcees, two things: (1) DJ Premier does NOT influence the BET Cypher selections AND (2) he WILL be scratching while you are freestyling if you get in the Cypher (that’s Hip-Hop; get your skill up)!

The legendary producer and Whoo Kid talk about how real it can get for a DJ out here, conflict and music making in Hip-Hop (including confessing that the original version of KRS-ONE’s “Outta Here” was way more heavy with PERSONAL name-naming disses), his coming up in the game (starting at age 19 in the late 80s), his experiences with Tupac EARLY in his career (literally tearing South Carolina up), all kinds of momentoes he has, and so much more. Great interview!

“I’m an emcee. I don’t rap, but I know how to control a crowd…” – DJ Premier

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