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Comedian Gary Owen Says Kevin Hart Will Find The Comedy In His Scandalous Situation… Eventually (Video)

Comedian Gary Owen is a friend of the Breakfast Club (of course), married to a Black woman (of course), and could not throw Kevin Hart under the bus for ‘allegedly’ (nah, not really allegedly) cheating on his pregnant wife… Yeah, his hood pass is still up to date! Check out the interview above. It may help Kevin find the funny, eventually.

Plus he talks about recent life, family and road experiences; and his comedy special.


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Trick Daddy Discusses His Early Come Up, Southern Hip-Hop, and The Current State Of Rap Music (Video)

Would Trick Daddy eat Angela Yee’s booty? DEFINITELY!!!

That’s how this interview started. The original eat-a-booty gangsta does great radio in this Breakfast Club video above. Turns out not only is he down to earth, he’s funny, thugnficient and he cooks (declaring that ‘whatever he puts in your mouth is good, ladies). Watch the whole clip folks, after four minutes in, BLASTOFF for REAL… when he talks about how he named himself Trick Daddy Dollars back from jump. Wowwww!

“The only bones in my body is my manhood and my trigger finger.”
Trick Daddy

Shiiiiiid! Y’all betta recognize!

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