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Niecy Nash Speaks On Auditioning For Early Gigs While Bringing Along The Kids And What She’s Doing Now (Video)

Since Charlemagne Tha God ‘cannot’ say it, and Niecy wants to hear it, I will… Breakfast Club guest Niecy Nash is ‘Vintage Vagina’ (and 100% Grade M.I.L.F.)!

Niecy Nash Talks Her Bossy Character On ‘Claws,’ Growing Up Funny + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Beanie Sigel Gets Serious About Meek Mill & Representing Philly On The Breakfast Club (Video)

Trick Daddy Discusses His Early Come Up, Southern Hip-Hop, and The Current State Of Rap Music (Video)

Would Trick Daddy eat Angela Yee’s booty? DEFINITELY!!!

That’s how this interview started. The original eat-a-booty gangsta does great radio in this Breakfast Club video above. Turns out not only is he down to earth, he’s funny, thugnficient and he cooks (declaring that ‘whatever he puts in your mouth is good, ladies). Watch the whole clip folks, after four minutes in, BLASTOFF for REAL… when he talks about how he named himself Trick Daddy Dollars back from jump. Wowwww!

“The only bones in my body is my manhood and my trigger finger.”
Trick Daddy

Shiiiiiid! Y’all betta recognize!

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Comedy: What Men Wanna Say (Video)

Charlamagne Tha God… da** fool! This clip is hilarious… sprinkled with a good amount of truth though. Ladies and gentlemen. Watch this Power 105 skit and learn.

‘…I think you’re a nice girl. The box was kinda cool…’



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Howard Stern Comments On The Hot 97 & Power 105 NY Feud Over DJ Mister Cee (Audio)

Howard Stern doesn’t exactly have a clear clue as to who’s who & what’s going on, but this audio of him clowning Funkmaster Flex & the whole DJ Mister Cee situation is hilarious as hell! hahaa!

Charlamagne The God, Of Power 105.1 In New York, Clowns Funkmaster Flex About DJ Mister Cee (Audio)

Not only is this funny as hell, but Charlamagne The God makes some very valid points in his commentary.