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Interview: Real Talk From A Real Hip-Hop Mogul, Master P (Video)

This ExpediTIously Podcast episode was titled “How Master P Sold 100 Million Records” on YouTube, but the man did so much more to show us what ‘No Limit’ was really about. Respect the tank! And respek on the name Percy Miller!

Master P sold 100 million records while negotiating ALL of his own deals. And he’s here to empower the next generation. Put the work in, make the sacrifices. Invest in yourself. Watch his legendary advice in this exclusive #expediTIously clip.
– ExpediTIously with Tip T.I. Harris

This was a really ‘good get’ for the show…


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T.I., Killer Mike, And David Banner Speak On Community Building & Hood Economics (Video)

You’re already free. Now, act like it!
Killer Mike

Okay, ComplexCon got something here. I mean, that Revolt TV panel event (here) was pretty dope… but this panel event is FIRE!

Killer Mike joins friends Clifford “T.I.” Harris and David Banner for an honest conversation on the economic issues facing neighborhoods of color. The rappers-turned-businessmen share their personal perspective on the importance of buying back, rebuilding, and transforming those communities for the better. In the spirit of giving back, they also discuss the value in teaching kids how to better themselves, and the benefits of working a legitimate job instead of hustling.
– Complex


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