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Killer Mike Declares, Loudly, That “Black People Aren’t Ready For Revolution!” (Video)

Killer Mike making the revolutionary rounds. Beating his drum for real revolution… and why we ain’t ready. SELF reliance is key. If revolution tears DOWN the system, but we are reliant ON the system, how will we survive the revolution?

Powerful share by Dr. Boyce Watkins.


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T.I., Killer Mike, And David Banner Speak On Community Building & Hood Economics (Video)

You’re already free. Now, act like it!
Killer Mike

Okay, ComplexCon got something here. I mean, that Revolt TV panel event (here) was pretty dope… but this panel event is FIRE!

Killer Mike joins friends Clifford “T.I.” Harris and David Banner for an honest conversation on the economic issues facing neighborhoods of color. The rappers-turned-businessmen share their personal perspective on the importance of buying back, rebuilding, and transforming those communities for the better. In the spirit of giving back, they also discuss the value in teaching kids how to better themselves, and the benefits of working a legitimate job instead of hustling.
– Complex


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Killer Mike Speaks On His Upbringing In Activism & Campaign 2020 (Video)

‘Trigger Warning’ is as much a tribute to public broadcasting television as any Michael Moore film… PBS taught me it’s okay to put a message in what you’re doing. It’s okay to be overtly positive in that message. I got that directly from Public Broadcasting…
Killer Mike

That’s DOPE! And many people shed a tear over that Mr. Rogers documentary to be certain.

C Tha God & Killer Mike with some REAL conversation on segregation, reparations, Bernie Sanders, the 2020 Campaign and more. Great episode of Emerging Hollywood.

Grammy Award winner Michael Render and host of Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning with Killer Mike,’ joins Charlamagne Tha God in episode 5 of ‘Emerging Hollywood.’ He talks about the history of segregation in the United States, reparations and H.R. 40, Bernie Sanders, the 2020 presidential election, and more!
– The Hollywood Reporter

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Killer Mike Puts His Show “Trigger Warning” On The ‘Radar’ (Video)

Talking about Crip-A-Cola and B-Pop and more. Good sit down from Mike as he continues to make the rounds promoting his Netflix show.

Killer Mike bites his tongue for no one. But this time, the Grammy Award-winning rapper has everyone talking with his new Netflix series, Trigger Warning. But don’t expect music to take a backseat. Mike and Run The Jewels partner El-P, are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album, RJ4. Here, Mike talks about the show, politics, religion, music, and more!


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Watch Killer Mike “Rate The Bars” (Video)

Killer Mike calls 2 Chainz’s and his RTJ partner El-P’s bars “nasty” and weighs in on other rhymers word work.


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Killer Mike Cannot Wait To Go To The White House! (Video)

Hmmm. Just saying… I don’t know if Tory Lanez OR President Trump want it with Mr. Michael Render… But Mike does want to talk to the latter. He has already set the agenda for if/when they meet.

Killer Mike Wants To Sit With President Trump and Tell Him 3 Things
Sway’s Universe

(And that’s just a snippet above. Full interview embedded after the jump.)


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Killer Mike Speaks On Getting Black Gangsters To Start Legitimate Businesses And His Show ‘Trigger Warning’

YES! He brought some Crip-A-Cola! I have been legit looking for some since watching Mike’s series on Netflix. He talks about that, and the cola and schools AND SCHOOLS us throughout this interview!

Rapper Killer Mike stopped by to chop it up about his new Netflix documentary, ‘Trigger Warning.’ He also debated with DJ Envy whether private school education is better for their children.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

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Killer Mike & Joe Rogan Talk About Why Black Folks Are Enamored With ‘White Jesus’ (Video)

Have you seen that Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode with Killer Mike as the guest yet? Well, we have the whole deal embedded after the jump. But let’s get right to Mike going right in hella hard above.

Went right after the mystical, mythical creature in the hood, ‘White Jesus’ eh? Yep. That part. Wow!

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Killer Mike On Why People, White And Black, Are Mad (Video)

Damn. Michael Render with the real talk. Gotta use Killer Mike’s government name because it’s so real! Ever wonder why poor and working class White people vote against their interests… aligning with Republicans who want to defund programs that benefit them and give tax cuts for citizens who make way more than they do? Because the flag-waving and make-American-great-again chanting has them thinking the ‘trickle down’ from those ‘job creators’ will become a wave of prosperity they can ride to the top [and someday join the 1%]?

Nah… Mike says it’s because they’re mad, son!

I think poor White people are mad because the system that promises you something based on that isn’t ever going to give you that … Poor white people during the civil rights movement in Mississippi they were treated as badly as any Black worker. But because there was an imaginary line of race got put there and they can still say they are superior to this person, they never joined with the Black worker to fight better conditions for them all.
Killer Mike

But hold up, Black people. Mike has some biting words for his people, too.

A must watch!

(Yeah. We ALL have a right to be angry. But what are we gonna do about it?)

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Killer Mike Asks The All Black National Convention: “Are You Ready For The Revolution?” (Video)

You will FEEL what Killer Mike is saying here like you were there and he was speaking to you. Guaranteed! For those who are familiar, mix in the sentiments of Marcus Garvey, Muslim idealism, and modern day survivalism and you get this powerful response to the All Black National Convention discussion topic. Part chastising and part challenge, ALL Power To The People! Some folks there did not like some of what Mike spit into the mic. Some folks who watch it here might not like it.

Deal with it. Press play. This is a MUST WATCH! After watching, you must ask yourself, “Are you REALLY ready for REVOLUTION?”


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Killer Mike Speaks On His Anger And Fears In The Wake Of More Police Killings Of Black People (Video)

Without fail, Killer Mike is ALWAYS speaking poingnantly with passion about matters affecting the people… his people. Sometimes it’s a wonder how he keeps answering the call to speak. Frustration we all feel, way before he and those of like mind began to #FeelTheBern

This is all truth. No slick talk and no backtracking. Notice how he does not have to couch his statements in the typical ‘all cops are not bad’ rhetoric, because he is out there with the police in his town – forging relationships, ensuring that they will feel/be compelled to protect & serve in his community. He touches on that. He has not abandoned talk on political movements we need to make either: VOTE out the folks who refuse to look out for the people in the community… VOTE THEM OUT! And he continues to bang the drum for a show of Black economic power: Want to move those in power, move your money away from them and toward folks you wish to empower.

None of this is new, but Killer Mike keeps speaking it. As frustrating as it must be. The truth is easy to repeat; because it’s not a ‘platform’ or something he has to ‘make up’ or remember. Watch Mike Render speak on his fears and frustrations with the two recent tragic losses of two Black Lives that did not Matter to cops who took them.


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Killer Mike Comments: Bernie Sanders Deals With Dissent While Hillary Clinton Condescends (Video)

Hmmm…some of you, now having seen and heard what Former Secretary Hilary Clinton respond to Ashley Williams’ “bring them to heel” protest, may be saying to themselves (and each other), “Somebody should SAY something.”

Well, Killer Mike is ON IT! After all, stumping for Bernie Sanders AND following up a jab at the Clinton campaign. Win-win, right?

Above: The ladies of The View welcome Killer Kill to clarify some of his hot-button campaign commentary. Oh, and while I am sure I do not have to urge YOU to vote, let the people around know… Whether during early balloting or Super Tuesday… VOTE DAMMIT!! VOTE!


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Politics: Killer Mike Endorses Bernie Sanders For President (Video)

If you lean to the left (e.g. are likely to vote Democrat in the coming 2016 U.S. election), you should be gathering information and forming impressions NOW. Because before you know it, you will have a decision to make. Every person who has ever run for office has understood that, in order to win, she or he must be supported and admired (and hated) by the right people. So, if you’re thinking Hilary Clinton’s the one, I hope you are learning who is for and against her. Alternatively, if you are taking a hard look at Bernie Sanders – “feeling the Bern” as it were – then you should take a look at the clip above. We KNOW you love Hip-Hop and the Culture if you come to this site often. But maybe “Politics As Usual” has soured you on voting (or even caring). I hope you read my VOTE DAMMIT! posts on here (whether you lean left or right). But maybe they don’t fire you up. But this vid… this vid right here… Just play it. Watch Killer Kill From Adamsville, and it will GIVE YOU BACK YOUR FIRE and make you care about the fight again. In a most powerful way, his speech above makes it clear: Killer Mike Endorses Bernie Sanders, the next President of the United States!

Now sure, you will make your own decision in that ballot box, but a candidate is known and judged by the company she or he keeps; and the enemies she or he makes. Do your research. Who is in who’s corner? What fights is your candidate picking? I’m not sure I completely #FeelTheBern yet, but the temperature is rising.

Oh, and just in case you are thinking this is just more ‘politicking’ peep after the jump. The whole event, including what Bernie Sanders has to say (and eat).


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Killer Mike On The Tavis Smiley Show (Video)

Respect! More of the Hip-Hop Ambassador of Realness – 1/2 of Run The Jewels – making the media rounds. Talk show host Tavis Smiley has Killer Kill From Adamsville in for a sit-down. Captured in two parts: Start with the first above, then continue with the second after the jump.


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Killer Mike On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ (Video)

Bill Maher and panelists John Waters, Heather McGhee, Charles Murray and Michael Render – aka Killer Mike – discuss the criticism of Michelle Obama’s Tuskegee (home to our own @ojones1) speech and the underlying causes of the Baltimore riots (above).

“…Why are you burning down your own community? [We] burned down a community that [we] don’t own!”
Killer Mike

Bam! Folks don’t destroy what they truly own. Makes sense, right? Mike always does. Continue after the jump with more Killer Mike telling it like it T-I-’tis (like the elders say) – especially about Bill O’Reilly – on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. Also have the bonus show, Overtime, embedded after the jump.

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