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Tracy Morgan Stars In “The Last OG” (Series Trailer)

This new TBS series seems to be a really good look for Tracy Morgan’s return to television, esp. with Tiffany Haddish (making it even a ‘gooder’ look, sexy) who still has a hot iron to strike with.

Tray (Tracy Morgan) is an ex-con who is shocked to see just how much the world has changed when he is released from prison for good behavior after a 15-year stint. Returning to his newly gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood, he discovers that his former girlfriend, Shay (Tiffany Haddish), has married an affable, successful white man (Ryan Gaul) who is helping raise the twins (Taylor Mosby and Dante Hoagland) Tray never knew existed. Wanting nothing more than to connect with his kids, but having neither the money to support them nor himself, Tray falls back on the skills he learned in prison to make ends meet while treading unfamiliar territory.


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Warrior (Official Movie Trailer)

Set in the tough as nails city of Philadelphia, this upcoming film ‘Warrior’ due in theaters this September looks like the Mixed Martial Arts version of the classic 1976 ‘Rocky’ flick starring Sylvester Stallone. Back then Sylvester Stallone was a little known actor & it became a classic & iconic film that defined a city & Sly Stallone’s career. Will ‘Warrior’ be a classic in this MMA era? I surely doubt that but its obvious that the growing appeal of MMA has Hollywood taking notice. If history should repeat itself then films that focused on the ‘sweet science’ of Boxing will continue, but they may be less focused on two fisted pugilists in favor of the MMA’s newfound popularity. This is only the beginning…

Immortals (2011 Movie Trailer)

I guess I didn’t see this one coming under the deluge of films slated to be released this Summer 2011. This upcoming ‘Immortals’ film is due for a November 2011 release. The makers of the popular ‘300’ movie turn to Greek mythology to see if Zeus will allow lightning to strike twice. I noticed they casted that sexy chick Freida Pinto from the Slumdog Millionaire movie in this film too. Overall I’m not sure about this one, but even ‘300’ was slept on at first until people went to the theaters to see it was good. We’ll see how the Greek Gods favor on this one……..