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The Real Wu-Tang: New York’s Shaolin Warrior Monk (Video)

(Video Courtesy: The Atlantic)

Shi Yan Ming has been in some action movies; but he is more colorful (and astonishing) in real life. At age five, he began training in the ancient Shaolin Temple in China’s Henan Province. He defected to the States in 1992, eventually founding USA Shaolin Temple in NYC, where he teaches philosophy and martial arts to kids and celebrities alike. What’s more, when interviewed for a documentary series (New Yorkers), the directors discovered a Wu Tang symbol in his studio… yeah, that Wu Tang symbol… as Yan Ming has RZA as one of his students. Check out the brief video expo on Yan Ming above.

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Warrior (Official Movie Trailer)

Set in the tough as nails city of Philadelphia, this upcoming film ‘Warrior’ due in theaters this September looks like the Mixed Martial Arts version of the classic 1976 ‘Rocky’ flick starring Sylvester Stallone. Back then Sylvester Stallone was a little known actor & it became a classic & iconic film that defined a city & Sly Stallone’s career. Will ‘Warrior’ be a classic in this MMA era? I surely doubt that but its obvious that the growing appeal of MMA has Hollywood taking notice. If history should repeat itself then films that focused on the ‘sweet science’ of Boxing will continue, but they may be less focused on two fisted pugilists in favor of the MMA’s newfound popularity. This is only the beginning…

Rewind: Anjulie – ‘Warrior’

Although this song dropped around the summer of last year its one of my favorites that I play on the iphone/ipod every now & then. It’s a great motivational record when working out or just to get your mind right before any task.  M.O.P. also does the trick for me too…yeah random, but you get the idea of where I’m coming from.  While we were getting ready for the radio show last Saturday night, we were videoconferencing with our homegirl Reenu who moved back to Toronto & her presence reminded me to repost this song again. Reenu sort of looks like the artist Anjulie too, who is also from Toronto, so it even more than solidified the inspiration for this post. Many of us in Atlanta’s music scene know Reenu to be a big supporter of local Atlanta artists, DJs, & all around good music so this is dedicated to our homie Reenu…..