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Released From Prison, But Still Not Free: NBC Nightly News Covers Meek Mill’s Legal Ups & Downs (Video)

Damn. Caught the case at 19 and even after 30, freed on bail, he does not feel free. The NBC News organization is all over this Meek Mill legal entrapment story… good for them and for us viewers.

Rapper Meek Mill was granted bail by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday after being sentenced in November to two to four years in prison for a probation violation — a decision criticized by his supporters as too severe. In an exclusive interview with Lester Holt, Mill says he recognizes this as “a very important moment.”
– NBC News

Got Mill around here looking like an activist, speaking on the evils of the American Justice system. A positive outcome. Maybe some reforms will come of it. At least some very rich and powerful figures are attached and talking now.

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Meek Mill Speaks On Being Taken Down By ‘Suspect’ Cops & A ‘Zealous’ Judge (Video)

Hmm… surprised and glad a major news outlet picked up on this story. Mill got strung along by the system and caught up in the snare string; the real trap. If you are not up on things regarding Meek Mills’ mistreatment by the law dogs and the judiciary, watch and study up.

Rapper Meek Mill was jailed for violating probation in a case that has received national attention and calls for criminal justice reform. He speaks out to Lester Holt in an NBC News exclusive.
– NBC News

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25 Years Later, Ayanna Jackson Speaks On 2Pac And The Sexual Assault Case (Video)

Okay. That’s a nice-looking Honey though. Let’s just get that said already. But we know that Ayanna Jackson, the one who accused 2Pac and his associates of rape in 1993, has a story to tell that touches off emotionally-charged firestorms on all sides of Pac fandom & hate, assault & empowerment… all kinds of stuff.

In this VladTV exclusive clip, Vlad sat down with Ayanna Jackson, a woman who accused 2Pac and his associates of rape in 1993. As a result, 2Pac was convicted of first-degree sexual assault and sentenced to one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half years in prison.

Jackson noted that the interview with Vlad is the first time she went on-camera to discuss the events that took place, ultimately leading up to the incarceration of the rapper. Jackson laid out how old she was when she met the rapper–around 19-years-old, along with the location they connected.

This is Part 1 of Ayanna telling her story to Vlad. Much more after the jump.

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Top High School Basketball Prospect Collapses After Judge Gives Him 3 Years In Prison (Video)

Very, very sad situation all around. Tony Farmer, Garfield Heights High School basketball star, collapsed in court upon hearing Judge Pamela Barker pronounce sentencing that will take from him every opportunity afforded him by his on-court talent due to his violent acts off-court. His liberty and future at stake, Farmer’s assault victim and ex-girlfriend (Andrea Lane) was among those who pleaded that the judge not send him to jail; rather, that he be sent for help and counseling. We won’t retry the case in any way in this post. That is being done enough elsewhere. What is done is done. While it probably will not be headline news, Farmer will likely petition for early release after serving 180 days. Whether he should be released after 180 days, is a matter we will leave for you to debate. What we are most interested in is whether Farmer will be made to go to counseling once he is released. That much we KNOW he needs; as even he seemed surprised that his crime warranted a three-year sentence. Farmer must know (or learn) that his actions were inexcusable; whether he is down for 6 months or 36 months.
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