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Meek Mill x Miguel – “Stay Woke!” (Live Performace) [Video]

Stirring, impactful, compelling performance turned in by Mill & Miguel. Sometimes it’s not time to “turn up”… How about waking up?

In case you need help getting into that mode, watch the performance clip from the 2018 BET Awards. Stay Woke!

Meek Mill & Miguel In An Emotional Police Brutality Live Performance
– BETNetworks

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Meek Mill Is Back Home, On Air, Speaking On People That Had His Back And Those Who Did Not (Video)

Meek spitting a different kind of truth into the mic. No freestyles, but at least he’s free now (for the most part). Interesting how so many and varied folks stood up for Meek when he was on lock. Even more interesting… this interview.

Meek Mill Talks Justice Reform, Opioid Addiction, Talks With T.I., Nicki Minaj + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Released From Prison, But Still Not Free: NBC Nightly News Covers Meek Mill’s Legal Ups & Downs (Video)

Damn. Caught the case at 19 and even after 30, freed on bail, he does not feel free. The NBC News organization is all over this Meek Mill legal entrapment story… good for them and for us viewers.

Rapper Meek Mill was granted bail by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday after being sentenced in November to two to four years in prison for a probation violation — a decision criticized by his supporters as too severe. In an exclusive interview with Lester Holt, Mill says he recognizes this as “a very important moment.”
– NBC News

Got Mill around here looking like an activist, speaking on the evils of the American Justice system. A positive outcome. Maybe some reforms will come of it. At least some very rich and powerful figures are attached and talking now.

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Meek Mill Speaks On Being Taken Down By ‘Suspect’ Cops & A ‘Zealous’ Judge (Video)

Hmm… surprised and glad a major news outlet picked up on this story. Mill got strung along by the system and caught up in the snare string; the real trap. If you are not up on things regarding Meek Mills’ mistreatment by the law dogs and the judiciary, watch and study up.

Rapper Meek Mill was jailed for violating probation in a case that has received national attention and calls for criminal justice reform. He speaks out to Lester Holt in an NBC News exclusive.
– NBC News

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Meek Mill – “1942 Flows” (Video)

…too thorough to move like a weirdo…

Meek Mill fresh out and rapping fresh like the bag just got ripped. Once again out to get his bag AND his ‘respek,’ Mill hit the block to serve these hard street rhymes off the “Wins And Losses” album. Check out visuals for “1942 Flows.”


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Meek Mill – “Save Me” (Video)

Crazy hazy sounds, matching up with the dark stark dual realities of street life at night. Meek Mill playing the grimy grinder and the one shining in these visuals… both figures yelping out the same plea in the hook… “Save Me.”


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Rick Ross – “Lamborghini Doors” feat. Meek Mill x Anthony Hamilton (Video)

Rooozaaaay! Let them “Lamborghini Doors” fly open with the backing of Meek Mill and Anthony Hamilton. This jawn blowing out the speakers. Life like it’s supposed to be for the Bawse. Solid track off the latest album.


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Sneaker Shopping With Meek Mill (Video)

Meek Mill’s don’t-call-it-a-comeback is coming along just fine. Through the beef with Drizzy, dealing with the Remy-vs-Nicki fallout… Philly’s son stood tall on his own two feet through it all. Never fake. Real, from head to toe. Right down to his shoes. Speaking of which…

Meek Mill goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods, and talks about looking up to Allen Iverson and moving on past his Puma deal.
– Complex


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Meek Mill Speaks About Being In The Middle Of Several Beefs, Making Amends And Moving On To Being Grown (Video)

Alright. I’ll fess up: I barely listen to Meek Mill’s music. Got sucked into the non-rap related beefs & bullsh!t he was in and wasn’t even really a fan of any of that. But this interview… He sounds like a man who has been through some things, learned something from it, and will likely go through a little less of them. He mentions being 30 years of age, but I can tell you: The passage of years has nothing to do with attaining the wisdom they should give you. How to focus ‘thug’ energy on standing firm in the face of adversity (esp. that which you brought on yourself). Having realized that sometimes it is best to stay low instead of high posting all the damn time. Wisdom!

Of course, Meek is still about with the sh!ts. He starts the interview with some of that. But there’s less of it around to smell up the joint. Good interview!


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Beanie Sigel Gets Serious About Meek Mill & Representing Philly On The Breakfast Club (Video)

Meek Mill – “All The Way Up” feat. Fabolous (Remix)

Did you actually think that this “All The Way Up” Remix trend – with everybody and their moms going in – was going to just go away? Well, sure it will …eventually …but not before Meek Mill gets in on it. Meek and ‘Loso. Now who can say they saw that coming?

(Wonder what Joe and Remy, and French Montana and Infared, and Jigga, think about all these ATWU’s.)


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Capone-N-Noreaga Speak On ‘Lessons’, Meek Mill Vs. Drake, & Nore’s Upcoming ‘Foodie’ Show (Video)

I’m still winning. I have an 7th grade education, I’m dyslexic, and I’ve made millions of dollars. God bless America!

Yup, AND Nore is finalizing talks with Lions Gate to do a Hip-Hop food & travel show. Winning most definitely! And anybody watching this Hot 97 Morning Show interview with CNN is winning, too. These dudes are always hilarious; especially Nore. The stories he tells (like ‘Tiger Bone’). The duo gets around to talking about their album “Lessons” (out now) and “U.M.A.R.” (yoUMan’s All Real); and also comment on the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef.


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Meek Mill – “Wanna Know” Feat. Quentin Miller (Prod. By Jahlil Beats x Swizz Beatz) [Drake Diss]

Jabs tweeted by Meek. Shots fired by Drake. Meek Mill returns fire. Nowwww, we have a battle. Is it worthy though? Leave it to the people. Posted Mill’s response diss to Drizzy entitled “Wanna Know.” Battle tactics: Rapping over a twisted WWE’s Undertaker theme beat, ‘featuring’ Quentin Miller (who Mill alleged as Drake’s ghost writer; though Miller refuted such in a BET article).

(This just in… Drake has already Instagram’d his response (from @champagnepapi) to Mill’s response… More after the jump.)



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Drake – “Back To Back” (Meek Mill Diss)

Interesting… Beef in rap isn’t anything new. There have been the Jigga vs. Nas, Pac vs. Big, Moe D vs. Uncle L – legendary battles. However, this beef Drake and Meek Mill have cooking has taken a unique turn as of late. Drizzy has dropped “Back To Back” (see what we did there?) diss tracks with no response from Mills. Is this building to a one-sided whuppin’ or is Meek loading up for a video game fatality punch? Time will tell.

For those that missed the first diss – “Charged Up” – we got that for you after the jump.


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Freeway x Scholito – “Check (Fremix)” (Video)

My album way better than all y’all’s. I’m smarter than all y’all…
Philly Freezer

Freeway in the place with young Scholito … and they show they got what it takes to rock Meek Mill’s “Check” track right! The latest in a long line of Fremixes, this one’s for “Check.” Philly major – with the original and Fremix done by brothers from The City Of Brotherly Love.

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Meek Mill – “Monster” (Video)

One of my favorite Meek Mill songs gets a brand new video with an 80’s throwback vibe. Check out this brand new visual appetizer directed by Spike Jordan that visually takes me back to a period when I was just a kid in North Philly.  Produced by another Philadelphia area native Jahlil Beats,  this banger is a nice setup for the Philly kid Meek Mill’s upcoming project “Dreams Worth More Than Money” due later this year.


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Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross – “Ice Cream Freestyle” (Video)

Meek Mill’s reworking of Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan’s 1995 classic banger ‘Ice Cream’ is outstanding to me. The North Philly kid murders this new freestyle with his extraordinary ability to ride, bounce, & flow over the track with relative ease lyrically. His agility in flowing over this flipped track produced by fellow Pennsylvania native Jahlil Beats is as dope a combo as Cake & Ice cream, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and…..Well you get the picture.  Just a perfect combination of ‘Beatz & Lyrics’.  I love playing this joint on my radio show.  If you still can’t picture it after hearing it then the people over at XXL directed this new video in Atlanta for you to see the vision a little clearer.  Check out the brand new video for the ‘ICE CREAM FREESTYLE’ above but with a minor change as this time Meek Mill brings along his slimmed down Maybach Music Bawse Ricky Rozay to add some bars a few ad-libs & grunts.

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R&B: Jazmine Sullivan – “Dumb” feat. Meek Mill (Video)

Very creative! Check out the visuals they came up with for the Jazmine Sullivan collabo with Meek Mill we posted just a bit ago – “Dumb.”


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R&B: Jazmine Sullivan – “Dumb” feat. Meek Mill

That Philly girl Jazmine Sullivan is back with a new single called “Dumb” & she brought another her fellow ‘City Of Brotherly Love’ spitter Meek Mill to provides some additional vocals on this joint.  It’s been a minute since we heard something new from Jazmine Sullivan & this one right here works for us.  There’s very few young female R&B vocalists her age (26) that have the vocal chops to SANG like she does.  After what was a 3-year-hiatus, the Philly songstress rocked a sold-out performance in London recently & is geared up to perform during the Essence Festival’s 20th Anniversary between July 3-6th in New Orleans. Don’t be ‘Dumb’…go ahead & peep her movements on her website below & press play to hear this new jawn!


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Cassidy – “Catch A Body” (Meek Mill Diss)

Cassidy - JAYFORCE.COMThought it was over with Cassidy’s “Robert Ass Is Dead” diss track. Nah. Since Meek Mill (aka Robert) did not lay down after the spray down – catch Cassidy jumped off the everybody-respond-to-Kendrick’sControl-verse (after dropping his “Picasso Baby” freestyle) to get back at Meek for getting back at him (with that “Kendrick You Next” track you can stream after the jump). I don’t know if this will ever stop. There’s no money in this beef for real. This is pride. This is Hip-Hop! Check out Cassidy’s ‘2nd round knockout’ punch over the classic  Canibus battle beat he calls “Catch A Body.”


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