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The Secret To Ballin (Trailer)

Hip Hop Motivations presents “The Secret To Ballin” movie – to be released October 16, 2015, at This how-to-be-a-boss docudrama is Executive-produced by Kenyatta Griggs, Redman and Damon Dash and features Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Travie McCoy, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, RZA, Faith Evans, Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, Method Man and more. Check out the trailer above.


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DJ Quik – “Puffin The Dragon” (Video)

Do you understand why we attach the ‘legendary’ label to DJ Quik? If you don’t yet, check out the TVOne Unsung episode on him here. But wait! Check out this visual for the legendary DJ Quik’s “Puffin The Dragon” off his latest LP “The Midnight Life” first. Already cued up above.


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DJ Quik Tells ‘Sway In The Morning’ About His Days With Tha Row, About Music Through The Ages And More (Video)

Quik is the name. And if anyone can tell you about the game, esp. Hip-Hop on the West side, it’s DJ Quik. He stopped by to chop it up with Sway In The Morning,’ talk about music back in the day (his and others’), music now (his, collabos), and even turns in a live performance.

(And on some real real… lean in around the 26-minute mark… just saying.)

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Redman – “Pacific To Atlantic Coast” (Video)

Reggie Redman remixed the “Spur Of The Moment” (Pacific Coast Remix) from DJ Quik and Ludacris. Then culled together video footage of bud, summer bunnies and ride-out good times to bring us this laid way back presentation – “Pacific To Atlantic Coast.”

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Snoop Dogg Recording Session For ‘Detox’ with West Coast Producers (Video)

Snoop Dogg gathered some of the West Coast’s greatest producers for a special recording session geared towards Dr. Dre’s upcoming ‘Detox’ album. DJ Quik, Battlecat, 1500 Or Nothing, & DJ Pooh are given a pep talk from Snoop about what kind of heat they need to bring to get Dr. Dre’s attention for the project. This video is really dope because it shows the true friendship among many of Cali’s finest, but it also displays another side of Snoop when it comes to articulating what he wants from a production standpoint. Snoop also makes a great point that if the song doesn’t bang in the first 10 seconds nobody, including Dr. Dre, will like it. I tend to agree with that theory for the most part. The D.O.C. also makes an appearance in the behind the scenes video as well. Part 2 after the jump…
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DJ Quik: Compton Alumni (Video)

This is a pretty good mini-documentary or interview with DJ Quik as he talks about his life growing up in Compton, getting tired of doing rap music, being offered a million dollars to sign with Eazy-E, and his eventual feeling of surviving the many obstacles in his life. Not only is the storytelling & pacing in this interview good, but it was shot very well too. DJ Quik is also the cover subject of this week’s LA Weekly. His new album The Book Of David is available now…..

DJ Quik Takes Time To Remember Nate Dogg (Video)