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NBA Standout Dwayne Wade Speaks On Leaving The Heat For The Windy City And Getting A Warm Reception And More (Video)

It’s only a six-minute clip but there is a lot in there (including precious seconds of screen time with gorgeous wifey Gabrielle Union). D Wade joining D Rose in Chicago certainly signals the Bulls desire to win rings, but other things ring true in this clip. Concerned about making the most of his remaining time (even referencing his long-gone youth, when he was ‘able to sit Indian style’ and dream about playing for the Bulls), getting the best contract and competitive situation for himself…all that and more…factored into Dwayne Wade’s decision to make that move from Miami. Watch him talk all about it above.

Dwayne Wade speaks with Cari Champion about his decision to sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls, his welcoming discussion with Jimmy Butler, and what message LeBron James and Chris Paul told him before signing.

(SportsCenter’s Cari Champion is definitely looking lovely in this interview, too. Bonus!)

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Dwyane Wade – Journey To 3 (Documentary)

“The journey is to 3… Three symbolizes to me a lot of what I believe in – The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost… I needed to lean on my faith…”

Dwayne Wade

Suffice it to say the game is more than basketball to champions. It’s life – mind, body & soul. But to watch this D. Wade documentary – Journey To 3 – you get a real chance to see the man being real. Miami Heat basketball is definitely the context, but watch for what you learn about the athlete taking care of himself, the man persevering through adversity, and the father being with and for his family. A lot expertly squeezed into half a half-hour.


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Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade Takes Time Out To Go To A Fan’s Prom (Video)

Take a look as Dwyane Wade surprises one of his biggest fans (Archbishop Carroll High senior Nicole Muxo) by attending her prom! Like his YouTube channel says, ‘Dwyane helps make a fan’s dream come true by showing up unexpectedly at her prom in Coral Gables, FL.’

“She actually DM’d me on Twitter and said, ‘This is the address, this is where I’m gonna be just in case,’ and when I got that I said I won’t be doing nothing tomorrow night and I can go and make this a memorable moment for her.”

Now, you gotta admit that that was kool. Bravo, D. Wade.

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Jordan: Love The Game (Video)

Keep Ballin. That is the new slogan for Team Jordan as they still market the brand during the NBA owners lockout of the players.

Lebron James Says He Would Have Dunked Over A Giraffe (Video)

Lebron is a funny dude! Haha! In the video above he tells reporters that he wouldn’t have dunked over a car in the NBA Allstar Dunk contest. He says he would have dunked over a Giraffe. I honestly think some of the reporters took him seriously. Hahaaaa!