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Lebron James, Chris Bosh, And Drake… Interview Each Other? (Video)

…two of the greatest guys that I’ve ever encountered… We’ve done things that people know about… and don’t know about…
Lebron James

This group sit-down, chit-chat, termed as a three-way interview, or something like that, is pretty damn dope. “A conversation amongst friends” is the right way to describe it. Good stuff.

(So, clearly, Drizzy is the joke-cracker of the crew. Bosh right in there with the silly with ’em.)

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Anthony Anderson And Chris Bosh Speak On Kevin Durant And More (Video)

Interesting insights shared on Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons’ new HBO talk series. Anthony Anderson and Chris Bosh are the guests in this clip. Bosh with an ‘other side of the coin’ perspective on Kevin Durant moving on from OKC among other things touched on.

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Comedy: Chris Bosh Is Back In ‘Tall Justice 2’ (Trailer)

Ohhh man! The one thing you have to agree with us on… we’ve all laughed at some viral post on Chris Bosh. Talented b-baller, no doubt. But funny is funny.

Chris Bosh returns to NBA TV this fall as Chris Justice in Tall Justice.

Chris, your partner’s not dead…He just moved to Cleveland — CLASSIC! And if you lie and say you never laughed at at least a Bosh meme… kill yourself… laughing. Watch this clip (might die laughing anyway). Hahaaaha!

BONUS: The first ‘Tall Justice’ clip is waiting for you to view after the jump.

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ESPN’s E:60 on Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh (Video)

You say what you want about Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh but this dude is hilarious with all the situations that seem to happen with him.  Self-inflicted suspect photobombs or not one thing for sure is you can’t deny the guy can play basketball.  This ESPN mini-documentary with Lisa Salters exposes Chris Bosh for who he really is…..just a geeky, nerdy, yet highly intelligent former Georgia Tech student who had an interest in engineering & computer programming. To Chris Bosh’s wife he’s just a “goofball” who in more ways than one is just an entertainer at heart. Despite some of the negativity he’s received it’s kinda cool to see Chris Bosh won’t allow anything to affect his sense of humor.

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Miami Heat Does The Harlem Shake (Video)

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BLITZ – 2/25/13: Watch Your Back

Lmao - Bosh PaulRockwell – “Somebody’s Watching Me” feat. Michael Jackson


‘Argo’ Claims Best Picture At The Oscar Awards

Cuba’s Raul Castro Says The New 5-Year Term Will Be His Last Running The Country

President Obama Meets With African-American Leaders To Address Economic Concerns

MC Hammer Pulled Over & Arrested By ‘Chubby Elvis’

The Onion Under Fire For Calling 9-Year-Old Actress A ‘Cunt’ During The Oscars

iPHone Found To Be 300% More Reliable Than Samsung Smartphones

Woman Arrested For Having Sex With A PitBull

50 Cent Tries To Plant A Kiss On Sportsreporter Erin Andrews During Nascar Race

Manti Te’o’s Sexuality Remains The Elephant In The Room For NFL Scouts

Recruited By Police & Thrown Into Danger; Young Informants Are Latest Victims Of Drug Wars

How To Post To Facebook & Twitter After You Die

Jamie Foxx Tries To ‘Holla’ At Kelly Rowland On The Red Carpet Of The Oscars

Floyd Mayweather Gets A Birthday Cake With His Face On A $1,000 Bill

FBI Battling A ‘Rash Of Sexting’, Nudity, & Wiretapping Among It’s Employees

Landlord Whips His Tenant’s ‘Bare Buttocks’ With A Belt Over A Late Rent Check

Apple Rumors: What The Apple iWatch Slap Bracelet Will Look Like

Inside The Most Expensive Home In Atlanta

Comedy: Chris Bosh Gets ‘Soul Glo’ & ‘Shake Weight’ Endorsement (Video)

Everyone’s still talking about Chris Bosh’s rather suspect champagne shower following the Miami Heat’s NBA Championship win last Thursday. It’s a wonder Chris Bosh didn’t pick up any special endorsements for ‘Shake Weights’ or ‘Soul Glo’ for all the energy he put into pouring that champagne all over himself. Hahahaaa!!
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Pac Div – ‘Still Flexin’ (Video)

Pac Div schools Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Derrick Williams and Eric Gordon on the history of bling. From ancient times to present day, the icons of bling (and some fine ladies) are brought to life to prove that bling is history


Chris Bosh Versus Skip Bayless on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Video)

The Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh caught most of the ‘Heat’ with the name calling during the last year’s NBA season primarily from Skip Bayless’s name calling & “Bosh Spice” disses on air. Chris Bosh showed up to ESPN’s First Take to confront Skip Bayless. Personally I think Chris Bosh’s confrontation of Skip was a little soft though especially when another man is questioning your manhood on national television. ESPN’s Jemele Hill seems like she was more forceful in getting on Skip about the name calling that often times went beyond just basketball.

Chris Bosh Is ‘Hollywood As Hell’ In Beverly Hills Bosh (Video)

Last night the Miami Heat defeated the Chicago Bulls to move onto the NBA Finals. Chicago Bulls’s Joakim Noah gave the Miami Heat plenty of props but said they were ‘Hollywood’. I found that was funny, but maybe he was talking about the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh’s acting career….

Rewind: ‘Just For Kicks’ Film 2005 (Video)

The relationship between Hip Hop and sneakers have been going steady for some time now. Let’s rewind on this 2005 documentary “Just for Kicks” that sheds some light on the obsession between Hip Hop and athletic shoes from ‘My Adidas’ to ‘Airforce 1’s’.

Yours Truly,
Frank Yerby


Jayforce note:

This has nothing to do with sneakers, but look at how technology has changed with these documentaries & the camera quality. That stuck out to me the most about Frank’s post besides the errors Frank made in the post that I had to correct. Just kidding Frank……but this documentary was filmed in 2005 & technology has significantly improved in just half a decade.

Cleveland Cavaliers Announcer Calls The Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh A ‘Rupaul-Lookalike’ (Video)

I don’t know if Chris Bosh is a RuPaul Look-alike but it seems like many of us have picked up on some of his particular ‘mannerisms’. Cleveland Cavaliers announcer Austin Carr takes a shot at Chris Bosh on his ‘Howudoin-like’ personality……SHEEHZ!

Lebron James Says He Would Have Dunked Over A Giraffe (Video)

Lebron is a funny dude! Haha! In the video above he tells reporters that he wouldn’t have dunked over a car in the NBA Allstar Dunk contest. He says he would have dunked over a Giraffe. I honestly think some of the reporters took him seriously. Hahaaaa!