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Comedy: “Kevin Hart: Irresponsible” Coming To Netflix This April (Trailer)

Okay. So it looks like Kevin is gonna talk about his marriage scandal… pretty bold. But then again, when he got a grip on things he talked about his first marriage’s end candidly; on and off stage. Being able to speak on what most would think should be ‘too personal’ kinda makes a comedian ‘bulletproof’ right? But I remember his cheating and getting caught on tape was off limits (re: his friend Michael Blackson’s comments on the scandal hitting Kevin too close to home when word first got out).

Back on stage. Back to business. On April 2, Kevin Hart brings his sold-out comedy tour, Irresponsible, to a global audience for his first original Netflix standup special. The one-hour special was filmed in front of a sold-out audience of over 15,000 people at the O2 Arena in London, England. Hart touches upon his friends, family, travel… and a year filled with Irresponsible behavior.
– Netflix

Trailer looks funny. Get that Netflix paper then, Kev!


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R&B/Soul: DanI – “New Day” feat. 7even Rich (Video)

Alabama, as the home state, stays on my radar. New music from Birmingham. Yeah B’ham, Alabama, not England…although DanI (aka DanI Musiq) has made a second home in the UK. Boom! She’s got 7even Rich featuring on this “New Day” jawn, a bonafide weekend cookout chill jam. Good background for whatever your summer celebration. Linked the song below. Check after the jump for info on the dynamic DanI.



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Vinyl Destination | “DJ’s In Paris” With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff with another Vinyl Destination episode, DJ’s In Paris going hard all across Europe. Top highlights? Number one’s GOTTA be DJ Ferno taking in the first-time-in-Paris experience with childlike wonder. Follow that IMMEDIATELY with Rich Medina talking with the crew right after the Paris leg, just before catching a train to Amsterdam for a break. That’s two. Round out the top three with Jeff’s closing comments about his back-to-nature themed room. Hilarious!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Vinyl Destination crew end a 10 show, 10 day run in Paris. It’s DJ Ferno’s first time in the City of Lights, so he explores the city and takes in some sights. After a few verses of “Mama I Made It,” it’s off to the gig. Jeff has a show with a dear friend, Rich Medina. The next stop is Amsterdam. With Rich joining the fun, the guys share some valuable information that makes him rethink his phone service. Feeling refreshed after some much-needed time off, the crew gets back in full gear with shows in Dresden, Germany, Warington, England and Oslo, Norway. Along the way, “Tickle me Ferno” emerges and Jeff finds out a tree grows in his hotel room.

Work hard. Party hard. Sure. But when you DJ, the party’s where you are – the Vinyl Destination (boom)!


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