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The Chainsmokers – “Paris” (Video)

Saw The Chainsmokers do “Paris” live on SNL (posted here) and had to see if there was a music video for it. Scooooore!

“Paris” is a single from “Memories…Do Not Open” recently released by The Chainsmokers.



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The Chainsmokers – “Paris” (Live Performance) [Video]

That most recent SNL was pretty good all the way ’round. Found out about a new school cool band, The Chainsmokers. Really liking this song, “Paris.”

Knowing now that they are a DJ duo, I also note something very ‘Hip-Hop adjacent’ about their style… not hollering “appropriation” or anything, just calling it out.

(Plus, did you see how HOT the Honey singing background on the left is. INSANELY gorgeous! Wish someone would tell me who she is. Because WOW!)


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Paris, France, Will Be The First To Have Flying Taxis In Service (Video)

These taxis ought to blast that ‘George Jetson futuristic funk…’ (ha! shout to Craig Mack) when they take off. I said ‘take off’ instead of ‘leave’ or embark because them shizz be FLYING!

Paris will be the first city with flying taxis.
– Discovery News

Seems like they are just hydrofoiling in this clip though. Still, cool tech.


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Paris Speaks On His History With Sway, Hip-Hop Then & Now And More (Video)

Make way for a Hip-Hop PANTHER… P-DogParis… arguably one of the most revered & feared (depending on what side of his commentary you fall). Above, a dude he has been down with since way back, Sway, is giving Paris the platform to speak his truth. And he will. Sway and Paris talk about the music and grind back in the day, views on government (USA), on the evolution of Hip-Hop and more.

Did you know Paris holds multiple college degrees? Did you know he did a bid in the ‘corporate’ world for a while? Did you know Paris’ “Pistol Politics” album is out now? At least one of those answers should be ‘yes’ off jump (link to album in earlier post below). Raise your score to 3 out of 3, and learn lots of bonus stuff, by watching the insight-filled interview above.

Hip-Hop… played a large part in raising my awareness… Contrary to what’s going on right now, the exception to the rule was foolishness, back in the day. And now the exception to the rule is anybody talking some sense.


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Paris – “Night Of The Long Knives” (Video)

Fans of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era will remember and likely raise a fist to this. Paris is one of the revolutionary rappers of that time that spoke the truth of police brutality and fired listeners’ political passions. Past the rally, just short of riotous revolt; that’s where P-Dog lay on the spectrum. The NWA “F## The Police” and Public Enemy “Fight The Power” energy? Yeah… add a Molotov Cocktail and machine guns… that’s Paris on the hunt for abusive police and oppressive policymakers then AND now.

Of course, someone will gripe that Paris has not changed his tune for 25 years. Well, the conditions that fuel his style of rhyme have not changed. Those things he rhymes about exist in today’s Era, still; they were not left in the 1990s. Tell them that. Better, just have them watch the “Night Of The Long Knives” video above. Maybe have them click below and grab a copy of “Pistol Politics” as an extended text on the subject matter.


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Toys – “Fire (Jo Def Remix)”

So much great music being made worldwide.  The beauty of the internet is having the ability to connect with people from anywhere.  Collaborations and appreciation can spark from anywhere.  This is what happened when Cali DJ/Producer Jo Def remixed the track Fire by Parisian duo Toys.  Jo turns the track into a House type joint that gives a good vibe check it out. (Click Here to Listen to my Interview with Jo Def when he last visited Atlanta)

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Vinyl Destination | “DJ’s In Paris” With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff with another Vinyl Destination episode, DJ’s In Paris going hard all across Europe. Top highlights? Number one’s GOTTA be DJ Ferno taking in the first-time-in-Paris experience with childlike wonder. Follow that IMMEDIATELY with Rich Medina talking with the crew right after the Paris leg, just before catching a train to Amsterdam for a break. That’s two. Round out the top three with Jeff’s closing comments about his back-to-nature themed room. Hilarious!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Vinyl Destination crew end a 10 show, 10 day run in Paris. It’s DJ Ferno’s first time in the City of Lights, so he explores the city and takes in some sights. After a few verses of “Mama I Made It,” it’s off to the gig. Jeff has a show with a dear friend, Rich Medina. The next stop is Amsterdam. With Rich joining the fun, the guys share some valuable information that makes him rethink his phone service. Feeling refreshed after some much-needed time off, the crew gets back in full gear with shows in Dresden, Germany, Warington, England and Oslo, Norway. Along the way, “Tickle me Ferno” emerges and Jeff finds out a tree grows in his hotel room.

Work hard. Party hard. Sure. But when you DJ, the party’s where you are – the Vinyl Destination (boom)!


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See Paris Like ‘Victor The Eagle’ Sees It (Video)

Let’s take a trip to Paris (virtual, ain’t nobody got the budget for that yet). Victor the eagle is the ‘vehicle’… we strap a cam on his back and fly-eagle-fly… Giving us a bird’s back view of the Paris situation. So, relax…

Meaning wowwww! Press play and take flight.

(It’s like Victor goes, “You ready? Hang on!” And takes the f#ck OFF!)

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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 10 ‘Lost Luggage’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

How good is the timing of this episode? DJ Jazzy Jeff and friends are wrapping the tour and heading stateside in a few days. Why’s that good timing? What… you didn’t know Skillz and Jeff have a gig at Center Stage (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) this weekend? Well, you do now (click here for info)!

In this episode of Vinyl Destination, the crew treks to Biel (Switzerland) before a bit of a baggage snag in Novgorod (Russia). Then… the last night of the tour before hopping the big pond to LA (USA) for the Do Over.


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 9 ‘Kid Cudi Bath Time Music’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Nasty Nas Milkshake…” “…This milkshake is CRAZY!”

RESPECT to Vinyl Destination’s production crew for dropping in that “Room Test” by Dayne Jordan (fi-yah!) into this Episode 9 soundtrack right from the jump!

(Oh, and don’t think we missed Episode 8… it’s after the jump, mickey fickeys!)

DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skillz and the crew on to the next one… on to the next one… on their European tour. Manchester. Brussels. Zurich. Several destinations for this episode of Vinyl Destination. Fine and good… but this travel situation is kinda eff’d up (good shake though). Truth: Touring is not always first class travel and 5 star meals. Work life on the road. But a warm bath while listening to some Kid Cudi makes it all better, of course (wait, what?).


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Lupe Fiasco – “Pound Of Flesh (Paris, Tokyo 2)”[Pound Cake RMX]

So, we posted the L.O.X. taking a run at Drake’s joint “Pound Cake.” Now, Lupe Fiasco takes a turn. His version is called “Pound Of Flesh (Paris, Tokyo 2).”

Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Brings Out Kanye West At His Show In Paris (Video)

I’m doing better but I’m still trying to get used to Mos Def’s official name change to Yasiin Bey. Often when I bump into people on the street anywhere in the world & we bring him up I find people still haven’t made the connection yet as well. Once they do make that connection then they already know that Yasiin Bey will represent on stage no matter where he is on the planet. Check out this recent footage spotted at HHNM of the mighty Yasiin Bey rocking in Paris with Robert Glasper & as a special treat he brings out Kanye West. Seems like it was a dope night in Paahh’reee……


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Innovatively Breathtaking Graffiti Transforms European Cities (Video)

Part interactive installation, part urban performance art, “Video Painting Europe” documents a kind of glow-in-the-dark graffiti that leaves no trace. Art collective Sweatshoppe uses ingenious infrared tracking to smear digital video over concrete surfaces with paint rollers. In this Vimeo Award-winning video, they travel to European cities like Paris, Belgrade, London, and more to paste their “video collages” on different architectural structures — including the Berlin Wall.

The Atlantic.
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Big K.R.I.T.’s First Show In Paris (Video)

There is something universal – and magical – about the exhilarating feel of an emcee rocking with folks who are rocking with him. Experience that with Big K.R.I.T. as he blazes the stage (to the delight of the crowd) for the first time in Paris, France! OOOOOH! And that bass hit at the end. Sick!

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Boog Brown Takes Over Paris (Video)

Detroit born emcee & Atlanta based artist Boog Brown has been on tour & her most recent stop was in Paris France. It was the skilled female emcee’s first trip to the famed city of Paris & she didn’t disappoint while rocking at Petit Bain nightclub (@PetitBain) on a bill that included Mr. Mattic, ASM, La Fine Equipe, Dj Miss Di, and yU. Check out the experience Boog’s travels and her first of many European shows shot by Bprice from Late September Films.

Shouts To The @boogeymonsters
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SupaFuh x Nai – “Mauvais Esprit”

You know Quiet Dawn, right? The super-smooth French producer from Paris. If not, don’t worry. We got you. Click here to hear an earlier Quiet Dawn post. Well, in short, as far as jazzy grooves go, Quiet Dawn has been making noise. It follows that – in taking jazz into Hip-Hop – he would only mess with the best. For this foray, he brings producer SupaFuh and lyricist Nai aboard. Warning: French-spittin’ writtens ahead. Might have to take a tip from Jay Force and get a passport. Head to Europe. See what Hip-Hop worldwide is all about! But for now…take a listen to “Mauvais Esprit” (English translation: “Evil Spirit”) here! You’re welcome.



Rick Ross Tour Paris France (Video)

I was just in Paris France a few weeks ago but couldn’t get a good gauge on Rick Rozay’s fanbase & popularity while I was there from people. Probably due to my limited knowledge of french. The video above may provide some better insight as to his popularity abroad in places like Paris, London, Manchester, & a few other last stops on his “Rich Forever European Tour”.

Yasiin Bey- “Forever Alive” (Prod. By Ohno) Live From Paris France In-Studio Performance (Video)

Check out the last video of Mos Def Yasiin Bey rocking live in a Paris radio station performing exclusive records over the air. This last video shows Yasiin Bey checking out the scene in a Paris club at a fashion show afterparty then quickly gets back to the studio for a live exclusive performance of “Forever Alive” produced by Ohno….



Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) & Talib Kweli Rock Paris As ‘Black Star’ (Video)

The energy that the crowd had for Black Star was great….at least quality hip hop still thrives in Europe. More video from the show under the hood…
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Yasiin Bey – “Sunshine Screwface” (Prod. By J Dilla) [Video]

While still out in Paris France, Yasiin Bey rocked an exclusive joint on Paris’s Radio Nova program that was produced by J Dilla. Man this joint sounds hella dope don’t you agree?!


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