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Fab Boy Boochie With R.I.P. Bars For ‘Cupcake’ (Video)

Shout to Birmingham’s (Alabama) Fabboy Boochie (aka Charles Smith) for this timely rhyme I caught on the Facebook feed. I think we will all feel this one for a while. We should. We must do better by our children.

I can hear yours tears of joy from heaven outside my window you getting love ❤️ from all over the 🌍 I wish I could’ve been there to help you I hope you accept my apology 🧁💜 #imsorry 😢 #KeepSharing 🙏🏾
Charles Smith

We keep losing our babies in the most heinous ways. Recently, Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney was kidnapped from a party, and her remains were found a week later (more after the jump). Damn.


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Womb Tang Clan x Various Artists – “Nough Said” (Prod. By Sam Peezy)

Yo man. Salute to Alabama. And I’m not even talking Roll Tide (yet – saving that for Monday night).

I’m talking about not waiting for external appreciation to appreciate that which is important. The homie Thed Weller (aka Al Elliott aka Dude you saw on here doing the TEDx Birmingham and such) shared this joint honoring the female artists over there – the clique inside the clique – doing Hip-Hop / Poetry / Song honorably. That’s the Womb Tang Clan on this track with the men that stand with them. “Nough Said.”

Okay… a little more? Okay, so this is a jawn from the soundtrack of a mini-documentary on an incredible venue over there in Birmingham, Alabama; that recently got sold, closed, razed and renovated… The High Note Lounge. Gonna miss that spot.

I personally know a lot of these folks. Hell, I knew Chef T. Randle when he was (nah, not gonna put his biz out like that)! And Joell Regal (smokin’ HOT, esp. on the mic). And producer Sam Peezy Addams (you KNOW him and his work; my brother who backs my blood brother BoneBreaker Jones with the beat on here)!

(Me! Trying to get a copy of that “We Are The High Note” documentary AND the soundtrack. Yup. Putting it out there!)



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Lando Chill talks new album & label signing at Secret Stages (Video: Interview/Performance)

Here at we love Music Festivals and discovering new talent.  So I was invited to cover Secret Stages 2016 a Music Discovery Festival in Birmingham, AL.  This is a two day festival with over 75 acts performing on multiple stages.  One of the artists I was looking forward to was Lando Chill a young talented Rapper, Singer, Songwriter.  He is Chicago born and raised now living in Tuscon and recently signed with Mello Music Group.  I caught up with him before his show and discussed his style, inspiration and putting new album out.  I also have some live footage of his showcase that I caught while in Birmingham.  His new album just released today “For Mark, Your Son” on Mello Music Group available on all digital outlets.  I had the pleasure to discover him and his music after this interview you will want to discover more of his music as well.


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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4 Little Girls: Spike Lee Speaks On The Heart-Wrenching Decision He Had To Make (Video)

Another must-see before the focus on Black History for 2016 is lost…“4 Black Girls” (a real gut punch; but you still MUST watch). It will be hard to watch. Let Spike tell you (as he tells Oprah, above): It was hard to make.

In 1997, Spike Lee released “4 Little Girls,” a moving documentary about the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, which killed four African-American girls. The film went on to earn an Oscar nomination for best documentary. Watch as Spike discusses one of the most difficult decisions he’s ever made as a director and how the birth of his daughter, Satchel, changed his perspective.

You can see a trailer for the actual documentary here.


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Al Elliott Shares His Story: Reasons For Rap

Really proud to say I know Al Elliott, and that I fondly remember his days with Chip Records, and another thing… well, I’ll save that for after the jump.

But peep this perspective he gives on Hip-Hop and his reasons for rapping, then and now. Wow. I’ve used the music for therapy. So have you, I’ll bet. But for speech therapy… not to mention for teaching and bonding with his son. Check out the audio stream above in which Al gives a talk for Arc Stories.

Al Elliott tells of overcoming his childhood stuttering through discovering rap music. The theme for the night was “Out with the Old: Stories About Change.”
Arc Stories (

Love Hip-Hop maaaan! And I will always have love for Brother Elliott (hit the jump).


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R&B/Soul: DanI – “New Day” feat. 7even Rich (Video)

Alabama, as the home state, stays on my radar. New music from Birmingham. Yeah B’ham, Alabama, not England…although DanI (aka DanI Musiq) has made a second home in the UK. Boom! She’s got 7even Rich featuring on this “New Day” jawn, a bonafide weekend cookout chill jam. Good background for whatever your summer celebration. Linked the song below. Check after the jump for info on the dynamic DanI.



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Tig Knight – “Passion of the Knight” (Video)

Birmingham stand up!! Alabama’s own Tig Knight has been doing the thing on the Indie Hip-Hop scene in the Steel City for some time now; but this one…WOOOO…this one is gritty! And I love it! Check out “Passion of the Knight” – a dark introspective interpretation of life as a young inner-city Black male – for yourself.

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