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Civil Rights Activist James Baldwin At Cambridge University Union In 1965… Speaking Like He Is With Us Today (Video)

Is 400 years of slavery building this country (and oppression thereafter) plus many wars of service not enough to justify our right to have some say in its running… without having to hear, “You can leave it if you don’t love it”… Well, isn’t it? Answer: YES! Moreover, we are not going to be ousted by anyone. We helped BUILD this place ‘they’ say we can ‘leave’ (like it isn’t OURS, too)! Sure, this declaration has an angry tone. So I will let activist/scholar James Baldwin say it. Words from so long ago. Could he have known they’d still be so applicable today?

Prior to the UK release of the Oscar-nominated documentary, I Am Not Your Negro, we take a look at a seminal speech by the film’s subject – writer, essayist, poet and civil rights activist James Baldwin. At Cambridge University Union in 1965, Baldwin debates whether the ‘American dream’ has been achieved at the expense of African-Americans.
– The Guardian

Yeah. And Baldwin even has something to say about the flag in this. So on point.


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No Ocean Required: eFoil Lets You Surf On Any Big Body Of Water (Video)

The eFoil is like motorboat-meets-surfboard. If you wanna surf but are living somewhere landlocked, now you can just go the nearest lake or river and ride out on the waves. Cost is just north of $6,100 US.

(Actually, no waves required. It’s motorized.)


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Recess In Real Life: Watch These Professional Tag Players Play (Video)

Because YES! Whoever picks this up, tell me where and when you are broadcasting, and I am tuning in. Promise. Bonus: Got an idea to amp this up. Put all this in a ‘danger room’ setup (like Gladiators, but cooler) and have folks slinging heavy high-speed burgundy dodgeballs. Dodgeball AND tag to the extreme!

(Maybe next work on a ‘Four Square meets Double Dutch’ game; or sandlot football where you bust through a team’s Red Rover line to score. Solid gold ideas!)


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Sideways Elevators In London (Video)

Thyssenkrupp Elevator CEO Andreas Schierenbeck has declared this concept as one that could “undoubtedly change the face of London’s transport network, and reinforce the UK’s position at the head of global innovations.” No cables; magnetically driven; able to move up, down and sideways… to eliminate street glut by streamlining the ‘mid-commute’ (travelers exiting subway cars, walking out of stations via mazes of underground to top-bound pathways, onto the street, into tall buildings and packed elevators to get to their destinations…only to reverse that madness to get home). Here’s the idea.

Thyssenkrupp MULTI elevator technology, rope-less and moving sideways, increases passenger shaft capacity by 50%. Originally designed for tall buildings MULTI can also open up new possibilities for underground metro stations, set to make metro hubs true centers of human interaction.

Imagine a futuristic George Jetson meets Star Trek car-and-lift system that takes throngs of passengers from subway car to in-building destination; eliminating ‘people traffic’ in much the same way that an underground rail system reduces the amount of traffic on surface roadways. Dope! And they are testing in the UK in 2017.

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UK Artist Little Simz – “Atlanta Show Debut” (Concert Review)

Photo By

A Curious Tale of Trials & Persons tour made it’s stop in Atlanta, GA March 21st at Vinyl (Center Stage).  A curious tale is the debut album from rapper Little Simz who hails from London, England making her Atlanta debut.  I have been a fan of her music ever since I heard the track “Mandarin Oranges” which features Grand Rapids emcee Waldo.  Mandarin Oranges immediately pulled me into her music and had me seeking to find out more about her.  I have had the pleasure of interviewing Waldo and he expressed how talented Simz is and happy to see her gaining much success. So I was very excited to see that she would be making a stop in ATL to perform live!

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Triple 9 (UK Trailer)

We posted the Red Band trailer for “Triple 9” a while back. Now as the February 19, 2015, theatrical release date approaches, we get the UK trailer for the film. Watch that above.

When a crew of dirty cops is blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a virtually impossible heist, they realise the only way to pull it off is to manufacture a 999, police code for “officer down”. The chaos that ensues when a police officer is shot in the line of duty is just the diversion they’ll need to do the job, but whether they have the will to kill one of their own is an entirely different matter. Their plan is turned upside down when the unsuspecting rookie they set up to die foils the attack, triggering a breakneck, action packed finale tangled with double-crosses, greed and revenge.
– Entertainment One UK

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eSports Is Real, Really Big, And Serious Business Worldwide (Video)

Okay, so we thought we were talking big sporting with the earlier post on ‘Fantasy Football’ but DAMN…

Today, there are more people in the world who play the online multiplayer battle game League of Legends than there are people who live in France.

Wowwww. More folks playing one game than the number of folks that live in a country! We have slept; but VICE is going to wake us up and hip us to the world of competitive gaming — also known as eSports. So real, and really exciting. Really lucrative, too… but really brutal at times.

Start with Part 1 above. Continue after the jump. A deep, multi-part story from VICE.

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R&B/Soul: DanI – “New Day” feat. 7even Rich (Video)

Alabama, as the home state, stays on my radar. New music from Birmingham. Yeah B’ham, Alabama, not England…although DanI (aka DanI Musiq) has made a second home in the UK. Boom! She’s got 7even Rich featuring on this “New Day” jawn, a bonafide weekend cookout chill jam. Good background for whatever your summer celebration. Linked the song below. Check after the jump for info on the dynamic DanI.



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Eye Candy: The UK’s Black Rose (Video)

Yessir! This Honey is so thick and delish! It’s the United Kingdom’s Black Rose. A veteran video vixen and urban glamor model, she hosts the UK’s biggest Hip-Hop event, The Jump Off.

Catch Black Rose on Instagram, too, @UKsBlackRose


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Kendrick Lamar World Tour 2013 Episode 1: Bristol, United Kingdom (Video)

30 Shows, 29 Cities, 15 Countries…. and this is just the first episode! Kendrick Lamar’s World Tour Vlog captures footage as he and TDE invade Bristol, UK; rocking a sold out crowd.


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Nas Speaks On ‘Soul & Culture’ In His Music While Not Actively Chasing ‘Pop’ Audiences (Video)

While out in the UK the Soul Culture team caught up with Nas for an interview where he touches on his career, touring in the Europe with Damian Marley, his new album ‘Life Is Good’, & his feelings on artists that aren’t being true to themselves by chasing pop audiences. Read the rest of this entry »

Comedy: Butt Naked Man Interrupts London Olympics Torch Relay (Video)

A Butt Naked streaker sparked a police chase in the UK during the London Olympic Torch relay yesterday. The naked man appeared from the lines of people carrying a fake torch & proceeded to run in front of the Olympic flame runner with ‘Free Frank Ocean CDs’ ‘Free Tibet’ scrawled on his back before he was tackled by cops and covered in a blanket. It’s starting to become an very interesting Olympics in the UK indeed. **Music Please**

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Grace Jones Performs ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ While Hula Hooping The Entire Time (Video)

This is a perfect example of why your average recording artist these days can’t hold a candle to any of the greats from back in the day. Grace Jones is 64 & still outshining these young cats who fail to put on creative stage shows. Check out this video of Grace Jones performing in the UK while hula hooping during her performance of ‘Slave To The Rhythm’. Attention all of you new artists without any creative stage shows…..Class is in session.

Slaughterhouse Make A Stop On London’s BBC1Xtra Radio In The UK (Video)

Slaughterhouse stopped through Tim Westwood’s BBC1xtra radio show in the UK for an interview while touring & promoting their upcoming album “welcome to: OurHouse”. The group spoke on a variety of topics from Joe Budden’s unflinching openness about his life, Joell Ortiz being signed to Dr. Dre, Royce Da 5’9’s releationship with Eminem & his intricate lyricism, & how the group would rank other supergroups or teams of lyricists like D-Block, Wu-Tang Clan, Ruff Ryders, D-12, & more….

Heavy D’s Last Interview In London (Video)

Heavy D’s last radio interview was conducted while he was out in the UK promoting his new album two weeks ago. In the interview Heavy D talks to Tim Westwood on Radio 1Xtra about the birth of hip hop, the tragic passing of Troy, performing at the BET awards, working with Jay-Z, producing, touring the UK, Teddy Riley & Pete Rock. Shortly after returning back to the states from the UK, the Heavster left what would be one of his last tweets on this twitter page…

Questlove Speaks On Their ‘Roots’ in London, the Jimmy Fallon Show, & being inspired by J Dilla (Video)

While on tour in the UK, Questlove stopped by BBC 1xtra radio to speak on living in the UK for 3 years, their current gig on the Jimmy Fallon show, working with Jay-Z, & inspirations like the late great J Dilla.

Urban Radio: Jah Prince Presents The ‘Fire Fridays’ Mixshow

Check out International reggae/hip hop spinner Jah Prince & his team for ‘The Fire Fridays’ Hip Hop Mixshow every Friday afternoon on which is a very popular reggae/dancehall internet station! Click on the artwork or the link below to tune in from 3pm-5pm every Friday! Special guest on his show this week is UK/Jamaican Artist Gappy Ranks.



M.O.P. Talk About DJ Premier, Bumpy Knuckles, Fat Joe, & Others (Video)

While over in the U.K. for a recent show, M.O.P. was interviewed about their first time meeting DJ Premier, Fat Joe, & Freddie Foxx aka Bumpy Knuckles for the first time. They discuss how Lil Fame studied DJ Premier heavily before actually meeting him, how Fat Joe’s brand new whip was stolen in Brooklyn, & also discussed an altercation that almost went down the first time they met Freddie Foxx. It’s always good to hear stories like these. M.O.P. will be performing in Atlanta on April 15th at the Apache Cafe so if you happen to be in Atlanta on that day stay tuned to JAYFORCE.COM about how you can win tickets to the show.