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APB: “Artists Against Police Brutality” Comic Book (Artwork)

APB - artwork - JAYFORCE.COMA comic book titled APB: “Against Police Brutality” detailing Police Brutality is being put together by Rosarium Publishing.  Submissions for the project are still being submitted but Artist Ashley A. Woods has been released and it is a telling much needed piece.  The Artist/Illustrator hailing from Chicago created a touching memoriam piece that features Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Amadou Diallo, Cary Ball Jr, John Crawford, Miriam Carey, Rekia Boyd, Tanisha Anderson, and Yvette Smith.  Sadly all of these Black men and women were killed by Police officers and with all of the unrest going on in Baltimore this looks like something that will continue.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Yasiin Bey Speaks On Ferguson, Michael Brown And Eric Garner

It’s only right we hear the considered words of Yasiin Bey on recent reminders of tragic realities of being Black in America. He uses the word ‘reaffirming’ – as in confirmation things have been eff’d up for Black folks here. But that realization is spoken (with noteworthy quotes laced into the mini-speech) to powerfully by Brother Bey here.

“Where are we? We are at a critical time. We are at a watershed moment… been here longer than we realize…”
Yasiin Bey

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Activism: Spike Lee Edits NYPD Chokehold Victim’s Images Into “Do The Right Thing” (Video)

Last Thursday, Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six, died…on camera, in front of citizens of these United States. DAMN! Staten Island’s son passed away after being put in a lethal choke hold by police. The man had chronic asthma AND sleep apnea, but the cops could not have known that in their initial seconds of exercising force. BUT, soon enough (after he was on the ground) he told police officers he could not breathe many times. They literally choked the life out of the brother!!

If you are mumbling to yourself angrily, trying to square your feelings, and not throw a garbage can through a shop window. You, like us, know that the struggle is still very real. You may even flashback to that tragic scene with Radio Raheem and the cops in Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.”

The above edited rendition is stirring. But hit the jump. That’s our fallen brother Eric ‘shopped into the image and shared by Spike Lee himself. Don’t tell us movies are ‘make believe.’ Too real. Disturbingly real.

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