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She’s Obviously Down With Fitness And FoxNews, But Is She Down To F…? (Video)

YES! And I would be, too (not that #MeToo but you know).

Wooooweee! I dunno how Troy even got to the phone-a-friend part of the game. I’m trying to lay pipe to Ms. Amelia Jackson ASAP… I am for reeeal! I’m talking about laying down a PIPEline across the nation! MAGA her azz (ha)! I’d make FURmerica NAKED Again and AGAIN! Give her all this culture in her vulture. Do you SEE that thickness??? Dude, hitting that IS doing the right thing. Knock that ‘Right Wing’ off (LOL)!



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She Said You Could Smash. But Should You? (Video)

The very stacked Brookelyn came through, said she was down [TF], threw some drinks & drugs down, but passed out before you could even get your draws down. It’s a pop quiz that should NOT even be a quiz, fellas. Watch and see ‘What Would Should You Do?’

Admittedly, the clip could be funnier; but the message couldn’t be more timely. Enjoy the weekend. Have fun. Be responsible.


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Life Flight: Videographer Using Camera Drone Helps FEMA Save Hurricane Matthew Victim From The Flood (Video)

Man, hell yeah! This is what we are supposed to be doing with tech. Helping people, even saving lives. We can be the heroes we have been waiting for. Come to think of it…neither Batman, Superman, nor the X-Men had drone cams back in the day. But now we do.

What’s really ‘super’ though is that @ImSoFIRST (yeah, follow dude NOW) did not have to help. But he did. And what if Craig Williams was one of those grumpy dudes cursing Twiter and social media like demons. No need to even imagine the alternative because his brother Chris is safe!

You see a lot of negative things and you hear a lot of awful stuff, but the reality is there are a lot of good people in this world and if you just ask, they will do the right thing. This is one of those moments when humanity came together.
Chris Williams

Watch and be amazed at what we can do for (not to) each other when we try. Start this Fall weekend with warmth in your heart.


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Do The Right Thing (Documentary)

Man, it has been 25 years since the release of the Spike Lee Joint, “Do The Right Thing.” This documentary captures just how you are feeling right now (esp. if you remember it hitting theaters back in the day) and impressions from actual Bed Stuy residents that live there and so much more!

You might shed a tear as we walk the real block with Spike (Mookie), Danny Aiello (Sal) and the production designer (Wynn Thomas) who created the hot block where it all went down oh so many years ago. You WILL raise a power fist by the time the Anniversary Block Party jumps off (with … you already know … PUBLIC ENEMY doing “Fight The Power”)… along with an array of very special guests. You MUST spend the full 23 minutes watching this. Your day is not complete until you do.

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Activism: Spike Lee Edits NYPD Chokehold Victim’s Images Into “Do The Right Thing” (Video)

Last Thursday, Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six, died…on camera, in front of citizens of these United States. DAMN! Staten Island’s son passed away after being put in a lethal choke hold by police. The man had chronic asthma AND sleep apnea, but the cops could not have known that in their initial seconds of exercising force. BUT, soon enough (after he was on the ground) he told police officers he could not breathe many times. They literally choked the life out of the brother!!

If you are mumbling to yourself angrily, trying to square your feelings, and not throw a garbage can through a shop window. You, like us, know that the struggle is still very real. You may even flashback to that tragic scene with Radio Raheem and the cops in Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.”

The above edited rendition is stirring. But hit the jump. That’s our fallen brother Eric ‘shopped into the image and shared by Spike Lee himself. Don’t tell us movies are ‘make believe.’ Too real. Disturbingly real.

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Reunited: The Cast of Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” Celebrates Nearly 25 Years Since The Movie’s Release (Video)

Above, Robin Roberts anchors ABC’s Good Morning America segment noting the coming 25th Anniversary of the release of the iconic Spike Lee joint “Do The Right Thing.” More footage after the jump… including Spike’s fiery rant in part 2.

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Gods’illa- “Sal’s Pizzeria” (Video)

This is the new video from DMV representatives Gods’illa, from their CPR Blendtape hosted by Erykah Badu. “Sal’s Pizzeria” is a tribute to the classic Spike Lee joint “Do the Right Thing”. The CPR Blendtape was most definitely one of the best releases of 2011, which displayed these brotha’s abilities to spit content and substance over a variety of styles while maintaining a quality sound. I had the pleasure of meeting Gods’illa in 2010, and like I said then, these cats are going to do damage in the game for a long time, so get used to the name.Enjoy!