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How To Hide On The Internet (Video)

Ever watch those crime dramas and see the villains thwart the authorities time and again when they try to trace them? First, it was tracing back phones (bad guy ALWAYS hangs up before they got the location fixed)? Then the TV shows and movies started adding Internet trickeration to the bad guys’ manual. Like when they try to trace back a transmission to the IP address and get a location, but just like on phones, the villain has ‘bounced’ or ‘masked’ the address… How do they DO that? Well, without getting too techy, here’s how. Watch.

It’s become apparent that anyone — hackers or the government — could be spying on what you’re doing online. Take back your privacy with these simple steps.
– Tech Insider

Oh… In the earlier examples, you realize that the so-called ‘bad guys’ could be working for the government… You knew that, right?


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Systemic Racism: Is That Really a Thing? (Video)

Okay. Right quick: The answer to the above question on systemic racism being a ‘thing’ is YES! It is a thing. Films For Action did an investigative mini-doc series about it. Wanna see it? Here it is. Start with the first of eight exhibits on the subject, Part 1: Wealth Gap, above. The rest of the series’ minute-long videos follow after the jump.

Take a bit of time. You need to see them all; even if you knew the answer to the question. And visit for more info when you are done viewing.

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John Oliver On Government Surveillance (Video)

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is good TV (every Sunday night on the “Not Just TV” channel). Think about how funny dude was when he was a correspondent on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Now, take away the censoring Comedy Central puts on Stewart’s program. Dangerous! Sure the language is saucier; but the punch Oliver can deliver on his much freer HBO series lets him let loose on socio-political topics. On a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver gave his tirade on government surveillance; which included a trip to Russia to talk to famed-and-in-hot-water-with-the-U.S.-government Edward Snowden. Google NSA and leaked documents if you need to catch up.

Content too heavy? Alright, they break it way down…all the way down to dick pics (o…kay… overshare).

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