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Science/Technology: Scientists Use Gold And Rat Parts To Make A Remote-Controlled Artificial Stingray (Video)

Yeeeeesh! That looks creepy as f-ck! But a team of scientists at Harvard creating this artificial stingray out of rat parts (again, yeesh) and a pinch of gold is actually part of the team’s ongoing research on how to make artificial organs. This admittedly weird biotech is remote-controlled; able to be moved about in a tank using light beams.

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Scholarly Rhymes: Black Thought Going Hard On Harvard Yard (Video)

Yo, this is more than a suntan. It’s living color!
Black Thought

The Roots emcee doing the lyrical d-a-m-a-g-e! Welcome to the Harvard i-lab. This is The Other Side Speaker Series featuring Black Thought the Super Lyricist with more and more BARS… steel BARS… hitting ’em in dead their eggheads!!

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Science: Long Distance Telepathy? Harvard Has Made It Happen!

Screenshot 2014-09-05 22.21.36

Oh no they didn’t. Well… apparently they did. Talk about being in somebody’s business. Harvard scientists had people in each others’ heads… thousands of miles apart!

Scientists have sent a mental message from one person to another 4,000 miles away in the world’s first successful telepathy experiment. They connected one person in India to a sensitive headset linked to the internet and another to a similar device in Paris. When the first person thought of a simple greeting like “Hello”, the recipient in France was aware of the thought. The subject receiving the message could not see the word itself but could correctly report flashes of light in peripheral vision that corresponded to the exact moment the word “Hello” was thought.

The ground-breaking experiment, after 10 years’ work on the subject, was carried out by a team lead by scientists from America’s Harvard University.


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Technology: Scientists at Harvard And M.I.T. May Have Actually Invented A ‘Star Wars’ LightSaber? (Video)

Get ’em, Yoda! Gotta love Star Wars’ lightsaber duels…

If I haven’t said it on here before, I will say it now: If you want an imaginary something made real, get the sci-geeks excited about it. They will get right on making it real. Case in point: MIT and Harvard have a method to herd photons (understood to have no real mass) and have them bind together. The resultant new type of matter, photonic matter, would essentially the beam that would be the blade of a lightsaber (like in the ‘Star Wars‘ movie). We’re not there yet, but this is a big first step! Read all about it by clicking the link below.


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Harvard Research On Humans Controlling Animals With Their Minds (Video)

‘Researchers at Harvard University have created the first noninvasive brain-to-brain interface (BBI) between a human… and a rat. Simply by thinking the appropriate thought, the BBI allows the human to control the rat’s tail.’

Mankind’s advances in science and technology are incredible… and kind of weird. Why would anyone want to exert psycho-kinetic control over a rat’s tail? Because that is a HUGE step in achieving telekinetic communication between humans and animals. That’s kind of cool. Like Tarzan without all that hollering and ‘un-gow-wa’ talk. BUT… science must ALWAYS be checked by intense moral consideration. We hope that insiders are talking about the morality of things like developing mind control capability… or even what we might learn if we start understanding what animals really think. Will we allow an animal to refuse to participate in further experimentation once we understand their wish to do so? Yeah. It can get deep.

Beyond hoping that science’s advances are balanced by morality, we know that we should (at least) be aware when stuff like this is on the horizon. At what point in time would you not want to know that folks are trying to gain [more] control over your mind?

Watch the demo vid above. Fair warning: It’s kind of creepy.

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