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Science/Technology: Scientists Use Gold And Rat Parts To Make A Remote-Controlled Artificial Stingray (Video)

Yeeeeesh! That looks creepy as f-ck! But a team of scientists at Harvard creating this artificial stingray out of rat parts (again, yeesh) and a pinch of gold is actually part of the team’s ongoing research on how to make artificial organs. This admittedly weird biotech is remote-controlled; able to be moved about in a tank using light beams.

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Paraplegic Man Drinks His Beer Using His New Robotic Arm (Video)

Gotta love when science and technology make life easier, especially for someone who might otherwise have a particularly hard time with it. Enter Erik.

Erik G. Sorto who has been paralyzed from the neck down for about 12 years is now able to command a robot arm using brain implants that read his intentions.

For med tech taking a huge step toward replacing lost limbs and limb functions with advanced robotics, let’s have a drink… with Erik! Watch the man sip a beer using his new robo-arm, which he controls with his mind!

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Easton LaChappelle’s Brain-Powered Prosthetics Could Change The World (Video)

It’s cutting edge robotics meets 3D printing meets whatever cool sci-fi they’ll work in. Definitely incredible. And young inventor Easton LaChappelle, definitely a kid genius! What were you doing at 19? Designing and developing miraculous brain-powered prosthetics? Probably not. But watch Easton in the clip above and be amazed. But note what is most amazing: not just prosthetics for, say, soldiers rendered limbless in service to their country; but that dude can produce them for around $500 each (e.g. for the cheap)!

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