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Paul George Talks About Moving To OKC And Building With Russell Westbrook (Video)

They’re not looking at me as a Kevin Durant replacement, but as a new face of OKC.
Paul George

Okay. That’s one in a roomful of elephants in the room. Paul getting along with former fiery (Paul’s word) opponent turned teammate Russell Westbrook (you know, the current ‘face’ of the Oklahoma City Thunder). That’s another. And ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski does ask about that.

The crazy sports universe and the buzz about as a result of all these pro ball league blue chips flipping (and landing). Wow. And a discussion about another Paul’s impactful move and the potential for another team’s championship run next season. We go from talking of CP3 earlier to talking about PG13, Paul George, going to OKC.

Similar lines of discussion laid out in this clip as in ESPN’s clip on CP3’s move from former to future team, too. And the clip above does ‘include’ Paul’s cute kid (like earlier in CP3’s) but we just see the child (and Paul’s wifey…nice!). This interview is all Paul. Good stuff.

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Indiana Pacers ‘Paul George’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Indiana Pacers guard & NBA All-Star Paul George – you know, dude that made the crazy 360-degree dunk against the Clippers – showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night. PG talks about the first game he had against his basketball idol, Kobe Bryant, about the possibility of going ‘PG 13’, about Larry Bird and more. Part 1 above. Catch more of Paul George in part 2 after the jump.

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Indiana Pacers Star, Paul George’s, ill 360-degree Windmill Dunk (Video)

Incredible! Chances are you have seen a ‘dunk competition’ winning slam and went daaaamn! Now, imagine seeing one during an actual game. Now that dunk is 360-degee windmill slam perfection – not during warm-ups – but during a live broadcast game. Stop imagining and click play above. Paul George of the NBA’s Indiana Pacers with a monster dunk with extra funk on the L.A. Clippers! SICK!

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A Day In The Life of NBA All Star Paul George (Video)

Interesting episode from ‘Life + Times’ on Indiana Pacer Paul George. ‘Life + Times’ is curated by Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z.

‘JAY Z’s Life + Times follows Indiana Pacers’ forward Paul George in Houston as he prepares for his first appearance in the NBA All-Star game and discusses his insatiable appetite for victory.’

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