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Controversial Sports Commentator Jemele Hill Always Had A Strong Sense Of Who She Was, Before And After Her Time At ESPN (Video)

Above: Jemele Hill speaks on what it felt like leaving ESPN after more than a decade. There really wasn’t a mourning period. More than just the controversial Tweets and stands she took. By the time President Trump came ‘sniffing & riffing’… It had been time.

In this clip, Jemele Hill speaks on having three years left on her contract and being bought out via an offer. Hill noted that things weren’t already going right on ‘Sportscenter’ by the time the issues with Donald Trump happened, so she didn’t have plans on coming back to the show.
DJ Vlad

Hmmm… forgot about the production stuff she got into. Dope!


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Sports Commentator Jemele Hill Speaks On Her Challenging Upbringing & Being An Advocate For Rape Survivors (Video)

Okay, Jemele Hill has a firm, fixed position on my ‘can get it’ list. No question. No fight over that wanted or needed. Wokeness and sexiness all in one thick mocha shake. Whew!

Now that ‘Three One Three’ short she is rocking… y’all might have to fight my homie BIGCRAZ313 over that.

Okay, but for real. What an insightful clip! I will definitely be on the lookout for other clips from this sit-down with Jemele to share.


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Jemele Hill Has Nothing But Love For ESPN (Video)

… Yeah, now that she is outta there, and cashing BIG checks!

I will admit to being in my feelings (not in the fun Drake way) about the drama ESPN was giving Jemele before her departure, but it looks like she is doing alright now. Better than alright.

Jemele Hill Talks Leaving ESPN, Mental Health, Lebron James + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Kobe Bryant Speaks On Character And How Black Athletes Should Use Their Vehicles To Move Us Forward (Video)

Jemele Hill (looking cute, let’s get that out there) gets Kobe Bryant to open up about the importance of his relationship with mentor & Hall-of-Famer Bill Russell and the importance of doing what is right – with a respect shout to Colin Kaepernick doing what is right in his way. Intriguing prediction he makes in here on Kaep’s future, too. Good watch.

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