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Sports: Kristaps Porzingis Was Ready To Be ‘Booed’ But His Goal Was Always To Be Great (Video)

I wasn’t too sure about the Knicks draft pick, but in this first few games he’s proven to not be shook. Hoping to see more great things from this kid in the NBA. Word to “Godzingis.”

Kristaps Porzingis is a smash hit as a high-flying rookie for the New York Knicks. But it wasn’t too long ago that he was mercilessly booed by Knicks’ fans on draft night. We sit passenger side with Kristaps as he explains how he blocks out the negativity and the optimal methods for getting into your opponents head.
– Ride Along, VICE Sports

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Carmelo Anthony Goes To Cuba To Cover Soccer, Soak In The Culture and Scoop Some Cigars (Video)

Very dope. And the time is right. Soccer (e.g. football, futbol) being the world sport it is, America being a leading sports nation, and Melo being a leading sportsman from America…

Throughout the NBA off-season VICE Sports and Carmelo Anthony are exploring street sport cultures around the world. In our premiere episode, Melo travels to Cuba to explore the rise of soccer in a nation synonymous with baseball, ride a 1950s drop top in the rain, and grab some fresh rolled Cuban cigars along the way.

Carmelo was a good choice for a correspondent, too. This VICE Sports piece felt more like interesting leisure than intense learning; enriching experience captured on video either way.

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Talking ‘Bout Biggie And More: NBA’s John Starks Has Answers For ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’ (Video)

This episode of ESPN’s Highly Questionable will be highly memorable for one reason: Starks stuck to the ‘G’ Code… No snitching! Former NBA standout John Starks declares that Notorious B.I.G.’s song “I Got A Story To Tell” was not about him. It was about one of his New York Knicks teammates… You can guess all you want though… ’cause Starks will NOT speak on it!

But watch the whole video though. Memories and chuckles shared by the bag boy turned pro baller Starks.

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Julius Erving aka ‘DR. J’ Says He Would Not Build An NBA Team Around Carmelo Anthony (Video)

NBA Hall Of Famer & former Philadelphia 76er Julius Erving stopped by ESPN2’s program ‘SPORTSNATION’ to talk basketball. When the topic of Carmelo Anthony & the NY Knicks came up, Dr. J didn’t pull any punches as to what’s wrong with the franchise.  I’ve said it many times before that “Dr. J” was Michael Jordan BEFORE ‘Air Jordan’ but ‘Dr. J’ didn’t always have the help he needed to win multiple championships. Michael Jordan is viewed by many people as the greatest to ever play the game, but it took Phil Jackson to convince him to slow down from being an aggressive scorer early in MJ’s career so that the Bulls could properly build around him. When asked if Carmelo Anthony is the right guy to build around in order for the Knicks to win one or more championships, Dr. J kept it honest that he didn’t have faith in Melo being the right guy.  I believe Lebron James is the greatest to ever play the game & he’s not even done yet, but the kid from Akron recognized early that he needed the proper pieces around him to solidify multiple championships in efforts to silence the critics & cement himself in the G.O.A.T. argument.

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Comedy: NY Knicks Fan Goes Off About Their Decades Of Mediocrity (Video)

After losing to Kyrie Irving & the Cleveland Cavaliers last night, the Knicks have now dropped to 5-15.  Damn homie

Ahhh well…. at least we’re good on this end…. #TEAMHEAT

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Carmelo Anthony On Jimmy Fallon (Video)