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Nas Speaks On Staying Out Of Beefs, Battling, & Keeping His Music Real Because ‘Life Is Good’ (Video)

In this 2 minute clip the grammy nominated legend Nas covers plenty of ground quickly from staying out of beefs, battling other emcees when he has to, keeping his music authentic, & the transistion from ‘Life’s A Bitch to Life Is Good’.
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Nas – “Cherry Wine” feat. Amy Winehouse (Video)

I’m definitely glad Nas put out a video for “Cherry Wine” featuring Amy Winehouse. Without question this is one of my favorite songs from Nas’s “Life Is Good” album that’s out now. Unlike most hip hop in the mainstream, “Cherry Wine” hits home because it deals with a theme that most people can relate to. Great work Mr. Jones. Great work!

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Nas – “Cherry Wine” (Trailer)

Without question Nas’s soon to be classic “Life Is Good” album is one of the best hip hop albums to have dropped this year. What makes me more excited is the way in which he’s releasing a single for many of the songs from the project. Nas is set to drop this 5th video from the “Life Is Good” project with one of my favorite songs off the album entitled “Cherry Wine” featuring Amy Winehouse. Dope choice Mr. Jones…..Dope choice. Stay tuned to for the official full-length video premier….
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Nas – “Bye Baby” (Official Video)

After being teased with the trailer several days back, Nasir Jones lets us peep the official video to “Bye Baby” off of his “Life Is Good” album.  Arguably the best hip hop album to have dropped this year & this is clearly one of the standout tracks from ‘Life Is Good.’  Nice detail for Nas & director Aristotle to have former Guy frontman Aaron Hall to have him up in the video as well.  I’m positive Aaron Hall’s music career will find a new resurgence by his appearance in the video to this hit song.  Life Is Good indeed…..Bye Baby! Cheers!
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Nas – “Bye Baby” (Video Trailer)

Nas is set to release the video to “Bye Baby” which is one of my favorite songs from arguably the best hip hop album of 2012… “Life Is Good”. I’m excited to see the visuals for this song so much so that I sort of broke my rule about posting trailers to music videos. I don’t do it very often because I find posting trailers to music videos to be a waste of time. Keep checking back here at JAYFORCE.COM for when the video officially drops….
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Nas Speaks on His Music, Life, and Ex-Wife Kelis on ‘The Ed Show’ (Video)

Nas Talks with Michael Eric Dyson (guest host on NBC’s The Ed Show) about a range of subjects – including his longevity in the rap game and thoughts on his new album, “Life Is Good,” including lamentations on his failed marriage to singer Kelis.
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Nas Speaks On ‘Soul & Culture’ In His Music While Not Actively Chasing ‘Pop’ Audiences (Video)

While out in the UK the Soul Culture team caught up with Nas for an interview where he touches on his career, touring in the Europe with Damian Marley, his new album ‘Life Is Good’, & his feelings on artists that aren’t being true to themselves by chasing pop audiences. Read the rest of this entry »

Nas Performs At The ESPY Awards (Video)

The ESPY Awards aired live last night & one of the greatest emcees of all-time Nas delivered onstage to the many athletes, agents, owners, & sports fans watching the show on television. As I’m posting this joint up I’m listening to my advance radio version of his new album ‘Life Is Good’ that drops next Tuesday & so far I can truly say Nas has done it again! Start lining up the ESPY, Grammys, & American Music Awards for his musical & lyrical greatness….
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Nas Performs On Stage Showing Switzerland That ‘Life Is Good’ (Video)

Nas entertained the crowd with his classic song, ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell”, “Represent”, & several other classics and also gave the crowd an insight to his new hit “Daughters” off of the upcoming “Life Is Good” album.


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Nas – “Bye Bye”

With all the bangers Nas has released or teased us with from his upcoming album ‘Life Is Good’ I believe this maybe the hip hop album of the year! Wow! This track which features a Guy sample & produced by Drake’s go-to-producer Noah “40” Sheib & Salaam Remi that Pitchfork debuted today is the final track on the new album that addresses his divorce situation with Kelis. Life Is Good’ will be purchased on July 17th…


NAS feat. Amy Winehouse – “Cherry Wine”

Another quality gem from Nas’s upcoming “Life Is Good” album due July 17th. This particular single produced by Salaam Remi featuring Nas’s fallen soul sister who shares the same birthday the late great Amy Winehouse. Apparently the collaboration came about through one of Nas’s past recording sessions with Amy Winehouse a few years ago. With all these quality songs the Queensbridge emcee has been releasing all I can say is……Life is Good…. indeed…..


Kelis Gives Her Thoughts On Nas ‘Life Is Good’ Album Cover (Video)

The upcoming album from Nas due July 17th entitled ‘Life Is Good’ features a somewhat controversial album cover of him holding the green wedding dress that his former wife Kelis wore at their wedding. Ironically she divorced him unexpectedly leaving nothing but the dress itself hanging in a closet. Nas spoke about this in his VH1: Behind The Music documentary special, but many people were wondering if Kelis would respond to Nas’s account of the seemingly cold way she left him hanging. While out on tour, Kelis gave her thoughts on the artistically relevant album cover. Surprisingly she didn’t diss the album cover & she didn’t dispute or speak on her behalf regarding what was reported in the way she left him hanging….
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Nas Says “Life Is Good” is a ‘Complete Piece of Work’ (Video)

In this vignette, Nas gives us some insight on how he views the coming of his “Life Is Good” album. For the fan that knows Nas delivers every time, there is anticipation. Watching this video, you get the sense that Nas overcame trepidation as he worked – from conceptualization to choosing records to include on the album through the mastering of this release. Nas actually admits to still being nervous about what will be his TENTH solo effort. You know, that is probably why we ride with Nas. He still cares enough to REALLY worry over his work…to deliver quality. “Life Is Good” is going to be good…REALLY good!

Nas – “Accident Murderers” (featuring Rick Ross)

Here is new hotness from Nas (featuring Rick Ross) – “Accident Murderers” – off the highly anticipated release “Life is Good.” No one is anticipating his 10th solo album more than Nas who has said that “this record is everything.” Well, the singles he’s released so far have got us excited, too! Enjoy this latest heater while you wait.


Nas Speaks On Life, Fine Wines, ‘Daughters’, Obama, & More (Video)

“Life is good! We haven’t had a chance to sit down with one of top rappers in almost every hip hop fan’s book, Nas, in a couple years. In part one of our interview Nas reveals the inspiration behind his new album title “Life Is Good”, tells us how his former manager Steve Stoute ended up in his recent music video for “The Don” and gives us some advice on fine wines. JD also gets Nas’ feelings on Nicki Minaj and all the flack she has been getting lately and explains the message he hoped to get across with his “Daughters” video which featured his own daughter Destiny. Stay tuned for part two where Nas names his favorite rappers of the moment, rates the performance of President Barack Obama’s first term and talks about making the first rapper mixtapes with DJ Clue.” – The Life Files

Part 2 of the video below….
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Nas – “Life Is Good” Album Cover (Video)

Nas reveals the new cover for his upcoming ‘Life Is Good’ album & if the album is as creatively dope & inspiring as the cover is then this should be another classic album from Nasir Jones. The album cover clearly is a wink to his unfortunate & very public breakup with his ex-wife Kelis & how she left him hanging. Check out the cover below after watching the promo video….
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Nas – “Daughters” (Video)

Nas drops his new video for one of my favorite songs from his upcoming album “Life Is Good” called “Daughters”. The song is dedicated to his own daughter Destiny Jones who’s featured in the Chris Robinson directed clip. This is perfect that this joint dropped on a Sunday. Respect to all the young princesses out there….


Behind The Scenes: Nas – “Daughters” (Video)

Behind the scenes footage of “Daughters” directed by Chris Robinson. The video features Nas’s daughter & of course will appear on this upcoming album “Life Is Good”.

Nas – “The Don” (Video)

The setup for this upcoming “Life Is Good” album from Nas is looking pretty good.  I was watching the NFL draft & it was dope to hear Nas’s “The Don” record being played in many of the commercial break promos. Now here’s the official video for “The Don”. Nas’s “Life Is Good” album drops July 17th…..


Nas – “Daughters”

Nas continues to display why he’s one of the greatest emcees of all-time point blank period. Many artists are 1-dimensional armed only with talk of “doing it big in the club” & all that other material stuff that doesn’t matter, but how many can make an incredibly dope song about our “Daughters”. Although I don’t have any daughters as of yet, I immediately thought of my beautiful nieces listening to this gem produced by NO I.D.  Just take a look at your favorite hip hop artist & I’m sure many of them don’t touch as many areas of life with such skill as Nas does. The song will “officially” be released for sale on May 1st & will appear on Nas’s upcoming album due July 17th called “Life Is Good” . This will be Nas’s first album in five years. I’m sure he has more real life experience to touch upon that we can all relate to. Check out the artwork for the single below….


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