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Benny The Butcher – “Did I” (Prod. By Fuse Of 808 Mafia x Black Metaphor)

Did The Butcher do something wrong? Not according to him. So why point a finger at him? Matter of fact, no need to answer. All these liars letting dude’s name fall out their mouths are gonna get the work!

(Hear him talking up that Jimmy Fallon performance? He did smash that. Guilty!)



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Rapper Big Pooh & Phonte Take A Lie Detector Test (Video)

Hey. After the laughter, truth is truth. And Little Brother is Little Brother… unlike no other! Great watch. So get to watching this ‘lie detector’ driven interview.

Watch the “May The Lord Watch” get grilled by each other in our infamous lie detector test.

There’s no lying in this interview! Fuse has honest conversations with the most relevant voices in music and pop culture by hooking them up to a polygraph in this new short-form series.

– Fuse

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Young M.A And Her Grandma Talking And Tasting Good Cooked Food “Made From Scratch” (Video)

And doing the healthy thing, too. Going meatless. No joke, it can be a yoke. But M.A made it through… Thanksgiving was tough though (ha)! Watch her chop it up with G-Mac (her Grandmother) on the food and much more in this clip.

The Brooklyn rapper reveals how she lost weight and talks standing out in male-dominated industry while mixing up a home-cooked meal with her grandma.
– Fuse


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Terry Crews And His Puppet… Of Himself (Video)

When Terry Crews said it was his puppet first date, I was already in. You know it’s about to be some silly-acting in this. So go on and click play.


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DJ Scratch Speaks On Early Days Touring With Run DMC & Friendship With Jam Master Jay (Video)

Yesterday, October 30th, marked the 13 year anniversary of the passing of the legendary Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. The people at FUSE TV caught up with iconic turntablist DJ Scratch speak upon the early days of touring with Public Enemy & Run DMC while developing a friendship with Jam Master Jay.

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Crate Diggers: Evidence Shows Off His Vinyl Collection (Video)

Newcleus?! What’chu know about Newcleus y’all? Wow. Well, in this episode of Fuse’s Crate Diggers, emcee/DJ Evidence talks about working with Kanye West, trying to work with Jay Z (on “The Black Album”)… and about Newcleus.

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Crate Diggers: Tony Touch (Video)

In this episode of Crate Diggers, DJ Tony Touch chats about his early gigs, channeling Afrika Bambaataa for his cover art for “The PieceMaker 3: Return of the 50 MC’s,” and shows off a DEEP archive of alphabetized Hip-Hop, comedy records and more.


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Marco Polo Speaking On His Upcoming Album “PA2: The Director’s Cut” (Video)

Esteban welcomes Marco Polo to chit-chat and explore tracks (like this “G.U.R.U.” we posted on earlier) off his upcoming album – “PA2: The Director’s Cut.” Esteban’s Hip-Hop hangout show, The Mixdown, is on Fuse every Wednesday.

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Crate Diggers: Kid Capri (Video)

Show the skills at the start. Like that! In this episode of Fuse TV’s Crate Diggers, the legendary Kid Capri speaks on his funk and soul days (the 1970s, when he came up, including his love of James Brown and Michael Jackson, his break and sample sources, and shows us the first record he scored back in 6th grade. Kid Capri… aka ‘Poochie’ rocked the house way back then, too… Hahaa!

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Crate Diggers: DJ Babu (Video)

“It’s like all the records got up and died and went to Japan.” – DJ Babu

Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Babu? Watch this episode of Crate Diggers and see.

‘In this episode, Dilated Peoples and World Famous Beat Junkies member DJ Babu talks about his love of country western music and hitting up flea markets in Brazil with Cut Chemist and J. Rocc.’ – Crate Diggers

And he shows us the vinyl collection. It’s D.I.T.C. TV!
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Crate Diggers: J Dilla (Video)

“In this episode, we celebrate legendary producer J Dilla, who has worked with The Roots, Common, Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson and A Tribe Called Quest. Then we join musician friends J. Rocc, DJ Spinna, Frank Nitt and Grap Luva in Detroit to open Dilla’s storage locker, never-before-seen to the public. Crate Diggers profiles people with extraordinary vinyl record collections, with owners displaying and telling the stories behind their collections.” – Fuse TV

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Nas Speaks On Staying Out Of Beefs, Battling, & Keeping His Music Real Because ‘Life Is Good’ (Video)

In this 2 minute clip the grammy nominated legend Nas covers plenty of ground quickly from staying out of beefs, battling other emcees when he has to, keeping his music authentic, & the transistion from ‘Life’s A Bitch to Life Is Good’.
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Slaughterhouse Speak On The Arrest Of Joe Budden Minutes Before Their NYC Show Thursday (Video)

Slaughterhouse had a sold out show at Best Buy Theater in New York City on Thursday night, but prior to showtime Joe Budden was arrested for a parking ticket that was unpaid since 2007. That’s kinda of odd to get arrested by 30-40 police officers for an unpaid parking ticket…..

SXSW: 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ Performance During The Shady 2.0 SXSW Showcase (Video)

50 Cent capped off the Shady 2.0 SXSW Showcase last night with him performing joints from his now classic album “Get Rich Or Die Trying” & fif also brought out one Marshall Mathers aka Eminem to rock with his during his set. Sit back & enjoy the whole performance…..
YaDunKnow! Seeennnnnnn

SXSW: SlaughterHouse – Shady 2.0 Performance Showcase (Video)

As always…props to Yardie for supplying the visuals for Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, & Joe Budden’s Shady 2.0 Showcase performance on Fuse TV as…….***Crooked I Voice*** “SLAUGHTERHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!”