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Snoop Gets The Scoop On That “Bad Boys” Sequel In A Sit-Down With Martin Lawrence (Video)

Mercy, mercy me. I mean, don’t get me wrong… Martiiinnnn Lawrence on with the DoggFather is epic in and of itself, but wait on the ‘weather forecast’ though. Just you wait. SO worth the wait #Wowzerrrs

The world of comedy wouldn’t have been the same without Martin Lawrence. From his start arguing about scuffed Jordans in Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” and early stand-up specials in shiny shirts to his self-titled sitcom and genre-shifting buddy cop flicks “Bad Boys” and “Blue Streak,” Martin hasn’t left the limelight in nearly 30 years. And if that wasn’t enough, the timeless comedian is nowhere close to stopping, with another “Bad Boy” sequel on the way.
– westfesttv


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Rob $tone Stops By To Smoke Some Backwoods And Holler At Uncle Snoop (Video)

Haaa! Rob $tone AND his pops fell through u-b!tch-u! Y’all watch that. I’m gonna see about taking this sexy azz Stormy Fronts weather girl out for some ice cream. Yuuuuup!

While preparing for the release of his debut album, juggling beef with rappers XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God, and touring as part of the Made in America Festival, $tone and his pops dropped by the GGN studio, where he and Snoop smoked out and talked about the making of “Chill Bill,” creating a new West Coast anthem, growing up on Snoop’s music, the worst job he’s ever had (it’s very San Diego), and much more. Check it out.
– WestFest TV


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Dope Conversation Between Mark Cuban & Uncle Snoop (Video)

It’s love-hate with me with Mark Cuban… It was love until he went in with all that Pittsburgh Steeler fandom. Now, I have no beef with the Steelers, for the most part, but in the 70s (what Cuban’s gushing about)… they kept the Houston Oilers out of the Super Bowl. And I am an OILER fan for LIFE!

Earl Campbell, Bum Phillips, Oilers. Shout to my FAMILY, cornerback Ezekiel “Zeke” Moore, Oilers. Billy “White Shoes” Johnson went to the Atlanta Falcons, so I watched the Falcons for a while, Oilers. Jerry Glanville used to coach the Falcons and I swore the Durty Bird jerseys turned baby blue, Oilers.

Yeah, I love the OILERS (not the Titans, not the Texans, old school Houston)! And the Steelers did not. Dammit!

*Sigh* But Mean Joe Green was a mean muddah suckah though. And the Eye Candy is cute (a bit “confused” but hella cute). Okay, the Cuban episode gets a pass Snoop.


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Rap, Fashion, and That ‘Good Fire’ On Deck For Discussion With Snoop Dogg & A$AP Rocky On GGN (Video)

Uncle Snoop declares that the PIMPING is in him. Salute to A$AP Rocky. Of course, he had to come through GGN studios. Best bet the Stormy Fronts report is gonna be dope.

Plain and simple. This ep is lit af (and according to the Honeyz… HOT AF). Wilding with a freestyle straight out the Stormy Fronts report, too!

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Michael Rapaport Was There When Pac And Snoop Met (Video)

Yoooo! The Stormy Fronts commentary ruled (funny and fine af)! Rapaport was cool (but excited to be there) as a fan blowing the smoke cloud away from Snoop… but the ‘weather’ report though. Yessssirrrr! Oh okay, the ‘news’ was good, too.

Today on GGN, the one and only Michael Rapaport stops by and describes bearing witness to the first time Snoop and Pac met. All this and more on this week’s GGN… u-bitch-u!!! Make sure you check out the “I Am Rapaport Podcast” on iTunes, or at for more of this guy’s lunacy!


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Martellus Bennett Talks Trap And Alt-Rap With Uncle Snoop On GGN (Video)

Bet you didn’t know Martellus Bennett used to be in an alternative rap group and that he is still dropping mixtapes on y’all today! Even has a dog; a poodle though, not a pit (alternative, remember). Awesome interview! Makes me want to drop in on a Whole Foods and ball out just ’cause cuz. Hahaa!

(Great insights in here, too. It’s not all about the funniness with Bennett. Even talked about needing public school reform and Black girls coding (which we’ve been on). Respect!)


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Snoop Dogg Welcomes Miguel To The GGN Set (Video)

You know an artist spends a career trying to get to that ‘one name level’ right? To get so big in the game, in the fandom overall that people know and call them by one name. Not Patti LaBelle but Patti. Not Michael Jackson but Michael. Not Prince Rogers Nelson but Prince. Well, Miguel came out the gate on that ish! And he is living the rep already. Seems only right, Miguel being from the West-West and all, that Snoop had him over to GGN to talk about his career, coming up and more.

Miguel needs no introduction. The mononymous singer/songwriter has carved out his own lane over the past five years with sexy radio hits, including the Grammy-winning single, “Adorn.”

After three infectious albums, marked by sounds that drew comparisons to Prince, Miguel is truly making the case to take the crown as the king of new wave R&B. As 2017 progresses, he’s coming back with a steady stream of funky new music, including “2 Lovin U,” that’s sure to climb the charts.

To celebrate its rollout, Miguel stopped by the GGN studio, where he played his latest tracks for Snoop and the two chopped it up on everything from performing for the fans to fanning out themselves.

– WestFest TV

But why was the Stormy Fronts part so short though?? And why was she Stormy Trooper this time?


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Jidenna And Snoop Dogg Shoot The Breeze Through Good Trees While They Talk About Making Moves, Music And More (Video)

Did you know Jidenna did “Long Live The Chief” on an episode of Luke Cage? Whether you did or not, The Classic Man talks with Uncle Snoop about that… and going to Stanford, making and working connects there, Janelle Monae, and much more.

Plus other views, smoke, and Stormy Frontz weather (yes!) on this edition of GGN News.


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Snoop And Gabriel Iglesias ‘Huff & Puff’ And Talk About Stuff On GGN (Video)

Double G got that oowee! Not just that sticky that has comedian Gabriel coughing up a lung… but that Stormy Frontz… OOWEE!! Made Snoop do a walkthrough during the ‘report’ to get a better view 😉


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GGN: Snoop Dogg’s 2016 Thanksgiving Holiday Special (Video)

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Fashawn Joins Snoop Dogg On ‘GGN’ (Video)

When you are on GGN with Uncle Snoop, you ARE busy! You don’t take calls… UNLESS it’s your moms… AND she REALLY wants to talk to Snoop Dogg… and ‘put one in the air’ with The Doggfather. Hahaaaa! Well played Nephew Fashawn.

Most of you probably recognize Fashawn from XXL’s 2010 Freshman Cover, but now you have the chance to get to know him on an elevated level as he sits down with Snoop Dogg to talk about music, weed, sex, and more on the newest episode of GGN.

But YOOOOOOO! The Stormy Fronts from Frankfurt on here! She says it’s ‘HOT and WET’ in Germany! You may not know what she’s saying, but you feel her (or want to). And check out Fashawn’s “The Ecology” (still moving on that).


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Snoop Dogg Welcomes DJ Khaled To GGN (Video)

Awesome episode of GGN with the wisdom and witticism. Lots of fun. But… why did they make the Stormy Frontz segment so damn short?! She’s FI-YAAHH though (being kinda literal). Watch it through.

They don’t want you to watch this episode of GGN so you’re watching this episode of GGN. Snoop Dogg aka Nemo Hoes kicks off 2016 with DJ Khaled you funky b!tch you.

DJ Khaled discusses his Snapchat and reminsces about collaborating with Snoop Dogg on “All I Do Is Win.”

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Just Blaze Talks To Snoop About Working On The New Slaughterhouse Album And More (Video)

Ah yes. Just Blaze one of the best at beasting out the bangingest beats. Well, ol’ Snoop is more about smoking… er… the mic. Aw f#ck it. You know what this is, and why we share it at noon. Watch out for ‘Stormy Frontz’ in Nipple, Utah (hahaaa) while you watch the clip above. Learn about Blaze’s festival touring and current and future directions in music (including producing for Slaughterhouse).

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Snoop Dogg With Freddie Gibbs On GGN Network (Video)

Hey, smoke ’em if you got ’em! But if you wait a bit, Freddie Gibbs will let you know his fave strain to hit. That and more this episode on Snoop Dogg’s GGN. Also learn what inspired Gibbs to rap, and his take on fatherhood and um…

OH YEAH! The Stormy Frontz report. Sexy weather report on the Interwebs!

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Killer Mike Speaks On His Days With Outkast, Coachella And More (Video)

We know, we know. You saw ‘GGN’ and now you’re ready for the sexy weather report already. Take it eeeeasy, maaan. We will definitely get to that. But first, let’s listen to the brother Killer Mike speak on it. Even in laid back smoke mode with the Dogg Father there are sure to be gems to take away from the convo.

On this episode of GGN, Nemo Hoes chops it up with 1/2 of Run The Jewels, Killer Mike, about his beginnings with Outkast to being ranked one of the best performers at Coachella. Also, Stormy Fronts gives us the weather forecast for her deep gap.

And ohhhh what a forecast. Damn, it’s a HOT one!

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Jhene Aiko x Snoop Dogg on GGN (Video)

“First of all… Jhene Aiko don’t need you so don’t get any funny ideas. She stops by the GGN desk to talk about the international success of her laid back, expressive, emotional music. Her and her daughter got girl scout cookies for y’all and a whole lot more on this week’s episode of GGN… u-funkybitch-u!!!” – Snoop Dogg

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GGN: Nemo Hoes Talks To Preemo About His Musical History, Current PRhyme Project, And Future Directions (Video)

Before Snoop Dogg was rocking with Dr. DreSnoop Rock-ski was ripping over the “Just To Get A Rep” beat by the (drum roll)… DJ Premier! True. And now you know this ep’s special guest. Watch. Of course, we don’t have to tell you to stay tuned for Stormy Frontz weather.

Legendary producer/DJ Premier finally sits down at the GGN news desk. They talk about the PRhyme project with Royce Da 5’9. They talk about working together in the past and future. Preemo also touches on the possibility of getting back into the studio with Nas. All this and more u-funkybitch-u!!!

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Snoop’s Gotta Know: How High Can Kidd Kidd Get? That Question, 50 Cent, G-Unit And More On GGN (Video)

Sure they have an EP out, but why would G-Unit not have time to shoot the sh!t with Snoop on GGN. Curtis and his crew have a sit-down that blends hijinks and realness (like ‘depression is a luxury I can’t afford’ … damn, 50, deep). And when the ‘Weather with Stormy Frontz segment comes on… some real THICKNESS. All with the Doggfather and his faithful followers (like us).

(And yeah, you WILL hear about how in the f#ck even Buck came back to work with 50 Cent. Remember their drama? Google that sh!t. But watch. This is a great watch!)


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T-Pain Tells Snoop Why He Let The Locks Go (Video)

Whoa! T-Pain cut off all the dreadlocks. But why? Well, the way he tells it to Snoop on GGN, fatherhood threw him off balance for a bit. Getting a career white hot, balling out of control, grinding for more while he’s got the spotlight, then came family… It got to be too much…not even fun for him. Can’t have So he stepped back. Had to let some things go; some things that were hard to let go.

“It was just some things I had trouble letting go of in my life, so I figured if I can let go of the hair, I can let go of anything.”

So it began with the hair. And it looks like Pain (formerly DJ Pain, always something on which to fall back in Jacksonville) is getting it back together; back into the music. Wonder if that battle with the strip club addiction is on-going (EXPENSIVE habit, we posted on that here).

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Snoop Dogg Gets ‘Deebo’ on GGN (Video)

You know that ‘six degrees’ game where you link celebrities to each other via the stuff they appeared in with celeb friends/costars they have in common? Snoop just made that easy for linking Tiny Lister (‘Deebo’ from the “Friday” movies) to himself. Snoop got ‘Deebo’ on GGN for some good chit-chat… AND got him to smile… big cheese’n (wonder how… hmm).

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