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Killer Mike – “Big Beast ” Produced by El-P

BANGER ALERT, BANGER ALERT!!! For a while it had been rumors of ATL mic wrecker Killer Mike and Philly producer of Def Jux/Company Flow fame El-P coming together and doing a project but it sounded like all hype. Well what would initially seems more like the Odd Couple than the perfect match, as the pair have completely different backgrounds musically, yet may turn out to be a possible contender for album of the year. More hip hop artists need to collaborate to keep pushing the boundaries musically, keeping the art fresh and innovative while at the same times cross mixing fan bases.

The first single from the all El-P produced album R.A.P Music ( Rebellious African People’s Music), “Big Beast” is a heater featuring an energized T.I, a always consistent Bun B, and newcomer Trouble taking turns with Killer Mike ripping this Public Enemy sampled track to shreds.Who would have ever imagined the trappers and backpackers on joints together?? Indeed 2012 is going to be crazy year. Bang this in your jeep until the speakers blow. CRUMS!!!!


Killer Mike – ‘Burn’ (Video)

Perfect timing for Killa Kill from Adamsville to drop this video in the midst of Oscar Grant’s murderer being released earlier from prision….Killer Mike’s Pledge III is available now…

Killer Mike – ‘Ready, Set, Go’ Remix feat. T.I. & Big Boi (Video)

Maurice Garland Chops It Up With Killer Mike & Big Boi (Video)

The homie Maurice Garland recently conducted an interview with Killer Mike & Big Boi in a recent video. If you aren’t familiar with Maurice Garland outside of his literary work, in person he would always be a quiet & reserved individual so seeing him in come alive hosting gigs & on camera for interviews may be shocking to some. Hahaa! Big up Maurice

Killer Mike Talks About The Importance Of Black History Month (Video)

Killa Kill from Adamsville expounds on the importance of Black History Month. Make sure you check out the previous video under the hood below…..

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ATL Indie Hip Hop: Top 10 Now & Then (Video)

Here’s part two of the roundtable discussion the homie Greesy assembled for his Top 5 Dead Or Alive Show. This special edition was based on Atlanta’s Top 10 Independent Hip Hop artists from now & then in the last 15 years. Although the first part of the of the show dealt with more of the classic artists who have been in Atlanta for a while, this particular segment is centered around the newer artists making their mark in Atlanta. In case you missed part 1 I’ve included it under the hood…….

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Killer Mike, Chace Infinite, Krondon, Freddie Gibbs, & DJ Khalil Haven’t Forgotten Oscar Grant

Amongst all the club records, strip club records, & ‘this is for the radio’ type of records many artists seem to to be wrapped up in these days, its good so see some genuine artists talk about some real issues going on in our communities. If you’re not familiar with Oscar Grant’s murder by a transit police officer in San Francisco you need to wake up because chances are police brutality is occurring in your community as well. Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga, Strong Arm Steady, Chace Infinite & Freddie Gibbs have recorded songs to keep the focus on the young man who lost his life by a rogue police officer. Check out the video from Killer Mike below as he talks about his upcoming album PL3DGE album & being inspired about Oscar Grant’s unfortunate demise. Shouts to Maurice Garland on the visuals. Check out the songs after the jump!

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