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Odell’s RoundTable: “Is Experience The Best Teacher?” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the panel discusses Is Experience the best teacher?  Think about that question for a minute can experience best teach you in relationships?  Do you need to have bad experiences in a relationship to appreciate a good one?  Just because someone else has experienced something can you learn from them or do you have to experience it yourself?  These questions and more are discussed.  The discussion is moderated by Odell aka ArtByOdell along with co producer Dre Day.  The regulars of the panel like DJ Knotts, Tierra  Alita & Petrina are there as well along with two first timers at the Round Table.  Mr Be Everywhere himself Sean Falyon along with Filmaker/Photographer Artemus Jenkins join in on the discussion.  Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and on SoundCloud.


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The Legendary Jim Brown Joins Discussion On Manhood & Race with The #ZoWhat Morning Show (Video)

In 2015 there are many images shown of men (Black Men in particular) not a lot of them flattering. What is it to be a MAN?  Has society worked to suppress Alpha males?  These are all great questions and a great discussion about this was lead by Zo Williams.  Zo aka “The Voice of Reason” an author, life coach, & relationship specialist tackles this topic on his Zo What Morning Show. To help with the discussion he has his co hosts Geoff Brown (Comedian) and Dr. Mark Goulston with special guests legendary Jim Brown and author Tim Wise. So check this out and note that M.A.N. =(Manifest Answers Now) so check out some quality reality TV and learn something!

ArtByOdell / SoundCloud

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Nas Speaks On CNN With Anderson Cooper On The ‘Race And Justice In America II’ Special (Video)

Last night CNN’s Anderson Cooper held a special town hall discussion called ‘Race & Justice In America II’ on his Anderson Cooper 360 show & brought along a number of commentators to speak on the issues affecting the country. Nas was the most recognizable voice in the hip hop community who added his valuable 2-cents to the discussion. Check out more from the discussion featuring commentators Charles M Blow, Andre Perry, Michaela Angela Davis, & David Webb below….

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Queens At The Roundtable: Atlanta’s Female Emcees (Video)

Our homegirl Ms. Dia who also does a radio show on our radio station WRFG Atlanta, hosted a roundtable discussion with some of Atlanta’s most promising female emcees putting in work in the in the music scene. Skills first. For the full written transcript check out Creative Loafing.

Donor Unknown (Trailer)

Now this is a documentary I’m very interested in seeing. Today there are literally thousands of adult people who grew up not knowing their fathers because they were products of artificial insemination through sperm donors. In this upcoming documentary called ‘Donor Unknown’ a group of adult children will meet their biological father for the first time but his circumstances & the true picture of who he really is may shatter the ideal of what they expected.

Check out the website DONORUNKNOWN.COM

Common & Dr. Maya Angelou Sit Down To Speak About Meeting Each Other For The First Time (Video)

Tyrese Speaks On ‘Why Men Cheat’ (Video)

I agree with what Tyrese has to say on this topic…..Brothas talk about this all the time

50 Cent Speaks On Relationships & Having Threesomes (Video)

50’s comments & philosophy on his relationships with women are similar to my own. Check out the video above as he explains a little more in detail plus he goes in early talking about the threesomes he’s had in the past with women.

Phonte & 9th Wonder Talk About The Word ‘N*gga’ (Video)

I have to agree with Phonte & 9th Wonder on the use of the word ‘N*gga’ by other racial groups. If you don’t have any melanin in your skin you’re really taking a risk with your safety. If you’re not related to me then don’t say it to me because it could be easily taken out of context. Simple as that.

Joe Budden TV Returns With ‘Dictate The Box’ Discussion on Sex & Relationships (Video)

Joe Budden damn sure has kept some dime females around him over the years. I seriously think ‘Jump Off Joe Beezy’ may understand women a lot more that the average male does because of his history in dealing with the some bad ass women. He’s arguably the hip hop version of Prince Nelson Rogers (when it comes to women). Of course we’re not comparing Joe Budden to Prince musically. That would be blasphemous. When it comes to the ladies though Joey is Charlie Sheen style #Winning. Check out this discussion he has with this young lady regarding relationships in this ‘Dictate The Box’ episode of what appears to be his renewed Joe Budden TV web series.

Open Discussion: Blog Rappers Vs. Street Rappers

This is part of a series that Sirius XM’s Dee Vasquez is doing as an open discussion about the balance artists need to have between the blogs & being visible in the streets to get notoriety. Depending on what type of artist you are & where you would like to go with your career as a recording artist I believe hitting the streets as well as the blogs are equally as important in this new media age. Nowadays people do so much online from paying their bills, social networking, & just about anything else you can imagine. The days of rapping & handing out CDs on a corner aren’t as effective as reaching a worldwide audience via the net. So my point is why wouldn’t blogs, radio, & the street all be important in this new era. Every avenue can help an artist win on its own these days.

ATL Indie Hip Hop: Top 10 Now & Then (Video)

Here’s part two of the roundtable discussion the homie Greesy assembled for his Top 5 Dead Or Alive Show. This special edition was based on Atlanta’s Top 10 Independent Hip Hop artists from now & then in the last 15 years. Although the first part of the of the show dealt with more of the classic artists who have been in Atlanta for a while, this particular segment is centered around the newer artists making their mark in Atlanta. In case you missed part 1 I’ve included it under the hood…….

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